SOLO GOYA Gesso Malerei Grundierung Leinwand

SOLO GOYA Gesso: It is the base that counts!

04/14/2020 |

What makes a picture into an expressive painting? It is not only the composition or the arrangement of the colours that make it shine. The secret of professional painting lies deeper because it depends on the right base for painting. Let us introduce: the SOLO GOYA Gesso - a primer that turns picture bases into an ideal basis for art. This creates a base that brings out the brilliance of the colours.

Colours do not appear the same everywhere. Depending on the background, they appear darker, lighter, shinier or more matt. Often it is only nuances that turn a picture into a work of art. The SOLO GOYA Gesso ensures rich colour brilliance. The acrylic half-chalk primer closes the pores of painting surfaces such as canvas, painting cardboard, wood or paper. This creates a silky matt surface that prevents the picture base from absorbing too much paint. With the SOLO GOYA Gesso, artists' paints adhere better to the background and can be handled more easily. Ideal for oil, acrylic and gouache painting.

The SOLO GOYA Gesso is available in different container sizes. Thus, small-format pictures as well as XXL works of art can be optimally handled. The primer is applied with a wide brush or paint roller. If required in several layers. It can be used in a pure form but can also be slightly diluted with water to achieve a more fluid application of paint. After drying, the SOLO GOYA Gesso is resistant to light and ageing. Isn't this a good prerequisite for a work of art that will let the years pass by unscathed?

The SOLO GOYA Gesso is available in white and black. This allows artist colours to shine on both a light and dark backgrounds. Backgrounds primed with the black Gesso make rich colours shine and metallic colours shimmer. Negative images can also be created skilfully with it. Shimmering gold on a black background - an effect that inspires awe and admiration.

For priming without visible brush strokes, we recommend the SOLO GOYA Gesso Spray. It provides an even base for works of art in an uncomplicated way. In only a few seconds a matt primer is created which is waterproof after drying. The water- and alcohol-based spray is well covering and has a low odour. Whether as a spray or a pastose primer: it is amazing what the right base can do in a work of art. In addition to the brush, paints and canvas, the SOLO GOYA Gesso is part of basic equipment of a professional artist. The secret of expressive painting has now been revealed. Pass it on!

  • SOLO GOYA Gesso white 250 ml, Art.-Nr. 85271
  • SOLO GOYA Gesso white 750 ml, Art.-Nr. 85272
  • SOLO GOYA Gesso black 250 ml, Art.-Nr. 85281
  • SOLO GOYA Gesso black 750 ml, Art.-Nr. 85282
  • SOLO GOYA Gesso Spray white, Art.-Nr. 85274