Upcycling Idee für Pflanzen mit KREUL Magic Marble

Marbled mugs – magical plant deco

04/15/2024 |

Marbling just for Easter? That would be a pity. After all, the unique swirling patterns look simply magical in spring, too. So prepare to be wowed by our DIY idea for your spring window sill! We're using KREUL Magic Marble Marbling Paints on old cups and mugs to transform them into stylish plant pots.


That's just as easy to do as marbling Easter eggs. And we’re happy to share the instructions for dip marbling here. Do you still have marbling paints left over from Easter? Then grab a bucket of water and start dipping old cups and mugs. You’ll be amazed at just how wonderful they can look.


KREUL Magic Marble Marbling Paints: a play of colour for lots of different materials

What you’ll need to copy our DIY idea are KREUL Magic Marble Marbling Paints in the spring colours Citron, Light Green and Light Blue. Marble white ceramic cups and mugs, which you can then use as plant pots for cacti and other plants. It’s great that KREUL Magic Marble Marbling Paints are also suitable for ceramics like, for example, stoneware. You can also use them to decorate deco items made of wood, plastic, paper, metal, glass, polystyrene and terracotta. So you could dip a flower pot in the marbling bath if you like.

Step 1: Good preparation is everything

First, air the room well. If the air in the room is too dry, the paints dry too quickly, forming streaks. KREUL Magic Marble Marbling Paints contain solvents. If you find the smell unpleasant, just leave the window open while you are marbling. 

Then fill a plastic bucket with tap water, a water temperature of 14 °C is best. Before you marble them, your white cups and mugs should be clean and free of any grease. That’s why we quickly wash and dry them by hand first. If you want to protect your hands againt paint stains during marbling, then put on some rubber gloves.


Step 2: Add the drops of paint

Now it's time for some action as you need to shake the jars of paint vigorously. Then trickle drops of the paints into the water, one after the other. The order in which you add the different colours does influence the pattern you get later! The first colour is displaced by the second colour, so the last colour you use will be the most prominent. We have marbled a cup planter in light green and light blue, adding light green first. In the second round of marbling, we added light blue and then lemon to the bucket of water.

We recommend that you always trickle the droplets of KREUL Magic Marble Marbling Paint from close to the water surface so that they don’t sink to the bottom of the bucket. This way, a film of paint is formed on the surface that we immediately swirl around with a wooden skewer stick. This makes for a totally individual play of the different colours in swirls and areas of block colour. 

Step 3: Dip the cups and mugs into the marbling paint

Now hold the handle of the mug or cup and dip it into the marbling bath. Dip it sideways or only dip the bottom part. Before you take the mug or cup out, blow over the water surface so that no second layer of colour can cover your pattern. Now just let the pattern dry. All done! 

The marbled mugs and cups can enjoy their new life as plant pots. We recommend that you use marbled cups, etc. only for decorative purposes and not for food and drink. 
Fancy even more marble style? What about dipping some postcards?