Fingerfarben Figuren Kunst mit Handabdrücken

Painting idea for little artists: handprints transformed into pictures

04/17/2024 |

Aren’t these children’s pictures just irresistibly cute? Unbelievable how the colourful handprints of the mini-artists are transformed into masterpieces for their bedroom or playroom. All you need are a taste for adventure, a bit of imagination and MUCKI finger paints. The bright and colourful or shimmering paints are perfect for experimenting. With mummy‘s and daddy’s imagination, the kids‘ handprints are turned into works of art. A bird or even a castle? We are sure that the little artists will be proud as punch of their artwork. Have a go! And it's not only huge fun for the mini-artists either.


How to create finger paint pictures with children aged from 2 years

For our handprint artwork, we have used the MUCKI Finger Paints Premium Set #wildChild. It contains a bright mix of neon shades, gleaming finger paints and classic colours. A cool mix that's ideal for exploring the world of colours. As we can’t have enough sparkle in our painting idea, along with the #wildChild set, we have used the Gold Treasure paint from our MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paints. 

Lids off the jars and fingers straight in the paints. What do Green, Dragon Silver and Squeaky Pink feel like? Then time for the kids to press their painted hands onto paper. Let them lift up their hands off the paper and get mummy or daddy guessing what the colourful handprint could be. 

We have made out the shape of a jelly fish. With dabbed-on eyes and a background in shimmering Diamond Blue, you can clearly see the marine creature. Or what about a flower meadow? Just decorate a green handprint with dabs of colour in flower shapes. Older siblings can add these all on their own. Younger children aged from 2 years may need a bit of help from their parents. What a great family painting project!


Bright and shining children’s paint you can rely on

The finger paints in the MUCKI #wildChild Premium Set come with a paste-like consistency that feels fantastic and can be easily put onto paper. And, of course, the water-based paints have been dermatologically tested and are paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-frei, nut-free, titanium dioxide-free and vegan. After all, when it comes to paints for young children, safety is our top priority. Bitter substances ensure that the tempting paint doesn’t get tested in the children’s mouth. MUCKI finger paints are not only suitable for paper, but for card, canvas, glass, wood, tiles, mirrors and even stone, too. And if the kids do try out the paints on textiles, no worries: MUCKI Finger Paints can be easily washed out of fabrics at temperatures from 30 °C. 

Good to know

We believe that free painting and development is only possible with trusted chidren’s paints. That’s why our MUCKI finger paints are made in Germany, namely at our plant in Upper Franconia. Here, they are produced, tested and filled into jars with great care and expertise. MUCKI finger paints have been around for over 50 years – they were first made in 1972, then in Forchheim. Now we have extended our production 10 km away to the north east in Hallerndorf.