KREUL Künstler Acrylfarben in Studienqualität

What does student quality mean in the description of acrylic paints

04/08/2024 |

SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic and SOLO GOYA Acrylic are artists’ acrylic paints in "student grade". When developing these two lines of acrylic paints, we specifically opted for this quality grade as it offers a good price-performance ratio for acrylic painting. Ideal for experimenting with paint and colour and giving you the freedom to further develop as an artist. If every drop of paint is very expensive, you can feel very restricted in your use of paint.


But what does the description “student grade” mean? What is the difference to artist grade? We explain that in this post.



Artists’ acrylic paints are available in these quality grades

The quality of an artists’ acrylic paint depends on various factors like the intensity of the pigmentation, colour brilliance, drying behaviour, mixability and other properties. These not only vary widely, but are often difficult to ascertain before you buy a paint. So that painters find this easier, descriptions have become established that categorize paints in different quality grades. 

Acrylic paints in artist quality

The highest quality grade is termed the “finest artists’ paint”. This is followed by “artist grade” and “student grade”. Artist grade paint is very expensive. This is because it contains the most stable pigments in a high concentration. These can be, for instance, cadmium pigments or earth pigments that have to be extracted in a very complex and costly process. The higher concentration of the pigments ensures that the colour application is very intensive. Many colours in artist quality show hardly any colour deviation from wet to dry. As a result, the colour looks the same as it appeared when it was painted. Responsible for this is an expensive binding agent. We currently don’t have any artist grade acrylic paints in our range. 

Acrylic paints in student grade

But don't you always need the most expensive quality paints to fully express your creativity? That would be like always taking a luxury limousine to drive places, when a mid-range car would just as well get you safely and comfortably to your destination. For hobby painters, students, school pupils and even professional artists, the highest quality grade does not always mean the best painting experience. A lower quality grade gives your more freedom to paint, learn and experiment, and accept the odd failed attempt, too. If you only use expensive paints of the highest quality, the pressure to get perfect paining results is much greater. 

Acrylic paints in student quality are therefore nothing other than one way to get dependable quality with a good price-performance ratio. They are perfect for trying out different ideas and ideal for study purposes. That is why they are aptly described as “student grade”.

As a long-established manufacturer of acrylic paints, we know how to make a paint that is affordable, but nevertheless offers dependable quality. That is why we have included SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic and SOLO GOYA Acrylic in our range. These are also highly pigmented paints. But not with the same concentration as in artist grade paints. Moreover, we used almost exclusively synthetic, more reasonably priced pigments. Our acrylic paints do contain fillers, but not as a substitute for pigments, but because they are a key aid to influence paint elasticity and strength. Together with the binder, they form a perfect framework for the paint.  


What are the special features of KREUL artists' acrylic paints in student grade

Student quality is not a protected term and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. But behind the quality of SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic and SOLO GOYA Acrylic is our promise. At our plant in Hallerndorf, we use our entire expertise to make a dependable artists’ paints. The following criteria make our artists’ acrylic paints in student grade different:

1.    Ongoing checks during production
KREUL has an inhouse laboratory that checks each paint during production before this is filled into containers before dispatch to sales outlets, Here we check whether the colour shade, the consistency of the paint, its drying behaviour and other characteristics are the way they are supposed to be. This is important so that the paint properties are always the same, If you buy, for instance, SOLO GOYA Acrylic Light Blue, you can expect a cool light blue shade and not turquoise with a greenish tinge.

2.    Use of high-quality binders
The quality of a paint not only depends on the pigment concentration, but also the choice of binder used. It is responsible for binding the pigments in a paint and enables it to stick to the canvas. In our artists’ acrylic paints, we use high-quality binders. In SOLO GOYA Acrylic we have even used two binders which together ensure a particularly elastic paint film.

3.    Wide spectrum of colours
A higher quality grade for artists’ acrylic paints also means that a broad spectrum of colour shades should be available. SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic and SOLO GOYA Acrylic are each available in over 50 colours. We make sure to offer a balanced selection of well-known basic colours and trend colours. Both single-pigment colours and mixed colours are available in different variations and we are constantly widening the range of shades. 

Is higher coverage a sign of quality?

Paint colours become opaque with the use of a pigment with high opacity or with addition of white pigments. Our  DIY acrylic paints are mostly opaque, after all they are used for painting furniture and decorative items. Artists’ acrylic paints like SOLO GOYA Acrylic or SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic fulfil a different purpose. Here you need brilliant colours that can really light up in your artworks. You get these with certain techniques, compositions of colours or with the use of transparent colours that let the white painting surface shine through. The opacity of a paint is not a quality criterion, but a property that enables different expressions in art.