Deko und Kunstwerke mit KREUL Farbsprays Acrylfarbe

Five questions about KREUL Paint Sprays

05/08/2024 |

Simply spraying paint onto décor items or furniture – evenly and without any visible brushstrokes. That works with KREUL Paint Sprays in an instant. And that in three variations. The KREUL Matt Sprays in classic matt colours, KREUL Chalky Sprays in Nordic chalk shades and KREUL Neon Sprays in eye-catching neon colours. Any questions? We’re happy to answer the five questions that we are most frequently asked about our paint sprays here.


Are KREUL Paint Sprays suitable for street art?

No, they aren’t. For big street art murals, you need special airbrush paints. And KREUL Paint Sprays aren’t these. Moreover, they have no replaceable spray nozzles in different sizes. They don’t have to either as we have developed KREUL Paint Sprays for DIY projects. They are perfect for seamless paint application on numerous surfaces like wood, basket, raffia, foil, metal, stone. They shine out from those places where it is difficult for a paintbrush to reach like filigree moulded picture frames. KREUL Paint Sprays are even suitable for polystyrene as they are water-based. But if you want to cover a few areas of your acrylic art with KREUL colour spray, you can. Here the focus is on cool effects and not the artistic precision of the paint application. 

How do you KREUL Paint Sprays useable for a long time?

KREUL Paint sprays can be used without any problem as long as the spray channel has not been clogged up. The best way to prevent this is by turning the bottle on its head and spraying out any remaining paint in the nozzle. This way, no paint is left in the spray nozzle and can’t clog it up. Perfect for later spray applications

Which spray paint is suitable as a base coat?

All three types of KREUL Paint Sprays are suitable for base coats. The KREUL Matt Sprays, the KREUL Chalky Sprays and the KREUL Neon Sprays are all perfect for priming surfaces for later paint application as they are all matt with good coverage. It is important to let the sprayed-on paint to dry completely before adding more layers of paint on top. That takes around 72 hours. 

How do you spray KREUL Paint Sprays properly?

During spraying, a spray mist is formed that spreads in the air and can settle on nearby objects. So we recommend you wear an FFP2-mask. A practical option is to put the object you want to spray in a cardboard box and paint it there. This protects the surroundings against drops of paint. 

Always spray in a room that can be ventilated. If you want to spray the paint outside, only do that on days when it is not windy and in an ambient temperature between 15 and 25 degrees. The best way to get an even spray application is from a distance of 15 - 20 cm, with crosswise movements. It is better to spray the paint in several thin coats so no paint drips form. Before you start spraying, shake the bottle well, and test the spray on some paper to make sure the you get rich paint coverage. 

Do you need a protective varnish when you work with KREUL Paint Spray?

As KREUL Paint Sprays work like a primer, thtat isn't really necessary: the only exceptions are smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, like, for example, glass. Here, we recommend spraying on KREUL Acrylic Silk Matt Varnish after a drying ime of 72 hours. This makes the smooth surface robust and scratch-resistant.