Farbtöne mischen mit SOLO GOYA Acrylic Magenta

Colour of the Month: Magenta

05/08/2024 |

May is full of life and energy. And that’s why we are making Magenta our colour of the month. The intense reddish violet is not only perfect for striking accents, but a perfect basis for soft pink and rich violet. But Magenta can do much more! Not for nothing is it one of the three base colours in printing systems. It can be used to create lots of other colours. We present three colours that can be mixed with Magenta. The last of these variation is incredible. Just try it out and be wowed!


Flamingo Pink: Magenta + Ivory

A little magenta in lots of white – that's the recipe for classic pink. If you use ivory instead of white, you get a warm variant. Reminiscent of the pink of flamingos, the warm rays of the sun, and peaches. That is because ivory is a light shade of white with a yellowish tinge. Perfect for painting summer blooms. 

Toned-down orange: Magenta + Cadmium Yellow

Classic orange is mixed with red and yellow. But what happens if you use magenta instead of red? You get a more elegant, darker orange colour. Mix Magenta and Cadmium Yellow and look forward to a colour that isn't quite so garish. Wonderful for painting areas of shade in orange.

Light Blue: Magenta, Dark Green + White

What colour is the sky. A mix of dark green, magenta and lots of white! Sounds mad, but it's a fascinating colour experiment. A fantastic way to get a stylish smokey blue. Why do you get blue? Because our dark green contains a lot of blue. And there's blue in magenta. The red and green parts mix to a neutral grey. When these are mixed together, a toned-down dark blue results. With lots of white, you can lighten the mix to a light blue, a perfect colour for the sea, a lake or a clear blue sky.