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What sort of paint is KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paint for Children?

11/06/2023 |

Wow, how vibrantly KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paint for Children shines out from the canvas. This high-pigment children's paint comes in a tube, which may make you think of acrylic paint. Okay, the consistency is similar, and you also apply it with a paintbrush. But that’s just about all it has in common with acrylic paint. KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paint for Children isn't an acrylic paint because it is water-soluble. So practical when tomorrow’s master painters go a bit wild painting, but at the same time the paint isn't supposed to permanently stain their favourite t-shirt.


So, what’s in the children’s paint out of the tube? A whole load of cool paint properties. And we’ll tell you what these are in these seven facts on KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paint for Children.


Fact 1: Water-soluble and easy to wash out

Any marks made with KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paint for Children can be easily washed out of most textiles at a temperature from 30 °C. This makes children’s art sessions much more worry-free. As marks made with acrylic paint stay for ever. This is because of the binding agent in the acrylic paint, a dispersion of water and many tiny plastic particles. When an acrylic paint dries, the water evaporates and the plastic particles melt to form a water-insoluble film. But KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paint for Children does not contain any plastic binding agents. The constituents in this children’s paint are bound together with a water-soluble binding agent. So even once the Artists' Paint for Children has dried, it can be simply resolubilized and removed again with water. So it's more closely related to a tempera paint than to an acrylic paint.

Fact 2: Free from microplastics (apart from fluorescent paints)

In the binding agent, there is no plastic. The other constituents in KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paint for Children do not contain any PVC nor microplastics. The exception are the Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent PinK colours. The fluorescent paints contain day-glow pigments. These are special colourants enclosed in a polymer matrix, which are classed as microplastics. Of the 20 colours in the KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paints for Children, 18 are completely free of microplastics.

Fact 3: Light-fast with good coverage

What makes artists' paint different from DIY paints? The paints have different values for their opacity. Professional artists know how to get the best out from them by creating their masterpieces layer upon layer. The paints cannot only be mixed on the palette, but in a picture, too. This is called the glazing technique. And this is just as fascinating for young artists. If, for example, you add the more transparent primary yellow on top of the highly opaque primary blue, the painted area gleams in a semi-opaque turquoise blue. For awesome painting experiments!

KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paints for Children are light-fast. That ensures that the colours in paintings hung on the wall don’t fade. For every colour, we have printed the opacity and light fastness on the tube. And you will also find the different values on the paint colour chart at retail outlets.


Fact 4: Dermatologically tested

KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paints for Children have been developed specially to meet children’s needs. That’s why they are dermatologically tested. This means that the skin sensitivity of the product has been tested by a dermatologist. No toxic or irritative intolerance reactions have been observed.

Fact 5: Vegan

KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paints for Children do not contain any animal products, and no beeswax either. On the market for paints for adults, you will find artists‘ paints containing pigments of animal origin. But KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paints for Children get their colour from synthetically produced pigments. So our paints for budding young artists are completely vegan.

Fact 6: Big colour palette

If you want to try out new techniques, you need lots of colours. So that’s why KREUL Kids Art Artists' Paints for Children are available in 20 different colours. The names of the colours are like the ones artists use: Vermillion Red, Indian Yellow or Permanent Green. Just like the paints you’ll fnd on professional palettes. But cool kids love the extraordinary. So it’s good that we have included effect paints like Fluorescent Pink and Gold in our assortment, too.

Fact 7: Made in Germany

KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paints for Children are made in Germany. That is, in Hallendorf in Upper Franconia. In our owner-managed family company, they have been developed with great attention to detail. Qualified and skilled workers make the children’s paints in fair working conditions. Good to know: every new batch is tested in our inhouse laboratory to determine their viscosity, colour and microbiology. Only when everything is perfect, is the paint filled into its tube. Safety and reliability is very important to us when it comes to children’s paints . And the paint should always come with same high quality.

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