Windlicht mit Trockenblumen beklebt mit KREUL Bastelkleber Nature

Cosy tabletop lanterns – sustainably glued with nature-inspired decoration

11/09/2023 |

Brightly coloured leaves, filigree twigs, here and there a few meadow blooms: Wonderful what you can pick up on an autumn walk: Let’s use these gifts from nature to create a stylish tabletop lantern for cosy evenings at home. What do we need besides our natural materials and a glass jar? Just KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue.


The all-purpose glue is a responsible choice for glueing precious treasures together as we have deveoped it to be exceptionally sustainable. We show you what it can do by using it to decorate our autumn-themed tabletop lantern. Let’s get started – you can make this decorative home accessory with this stylish nature-inspired look in hardly any time at all!

Nature-inspired decoration for a tabletop lantern: Here's how

For our autumn-themed tabletop lantern, you need: KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue, a glass jar, some sand, assorted dry flowers or pressed leaves and a paintbrush. First paint KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue onto the outside of the glass jar. The milky glue comes in a liquid consistency, making it easy to spread over large areas. Later as the glue dries, it turns transparent. Sprinkle some sand over the glued areas. This gives your lantern an awesome rustic look, which you first need to let dry.
We aren’t just inspired by the beauty of nature, we want to preserve it. That’s why we have developed KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue as a sustainable product. The glue is vegan and made of at least 80 % raw materials of natural origin. The basis for the glue, for instance, are vegetable oils. Of course, KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue is made at our plant in Hallerndorf – with consistent quality, in safe and fair working conditions.

KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue: for large areas or dots of glue

Once the sand has dried, you get to use the KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue again. Stick dried flowers onto the surface of the glass. Simply dot a little glue onto the surface and press the flowers against the glass. Your can also stick pressed leaves onto the glass, but it is best to use a paintbrush to coat these with glue first.

KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue does not contain any solvents, but made on a water basis. That is why it doesn’t smell, so you can comfortably use it indoors. Super for crafting at the cooler times of the year!


All-purpose glue with refill option

Our nature-inspired tabletop lantern is all finished. With this technique, you can decorate home accessories in next to no time. But let’s decorate another glass jar with selected accessories. KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue is an all-purpose glue. You can use it not only to stick on dried and silk flowers, but paper, cardboard, textiles, felt, raffia, leather, cork, wood, glass, polystyrene and plastics, too.

So, of course, you are going to be using the sustainable glue again and again. And that's why we offer a refill option. You can refill the 80-ml-bottle of KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue three times with the content of the 250-ml bottle. So no need to bin the empty 80-ml bottle straightaway, and this way we can protect the environment and save resources.


More DIY ideas? Then watch this spot!

Hasn’t our tabletop lantern with dried flowers turned out really wonderful? It's so cool what you can conjure up with natural materials and KREUL Nature Handicraft Glue.
You can even use the sustainable all-purpose glue to stick together small wood craft projects. Take a look at this clip, to see other DIY ideas using this glue. Fancy some one-of-a-kind cutlery boxes, fantastic as original and decorative table accessories? Watch the video and please share with us your experience with the sustainable Nature Handicraft Glue from KREUL.