KREUL Kids Art 8er Set Malfarbe für Kinder

Mixing like a professional: with the set of 8 KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paints for Children

01/10/2024 |

How do you mix frog green, candy pink or swimming pool blue? Budding young artists aged from six years old get it straightaway. With the KREUL Kids Art set of eight paints, mixing colours is child’s play. The set contains eight basic colours with which they can mix lots of favourite colours.


This makes colour theory an exciting experiment. Just like in a real artist’s studio. But with a highly pigmented, liquid paint that is matched to children’s needs. Careful, supervised handling of acrylic paint? But no! Here, children can spray and daub the paints all by themselves, using them to create great art.



Learning colour mixing with basic colours in the colour wheel

The set of eight KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paints for Children in 20-ml tubes is a starter set based on an educational concept. It contains basic colours that children can use to mix their own intense colour shades. Ideal to vividly explain how the colour circle works to primary school children and get them experimenting straight off. With this set, learning to mix colours is great fun!

The set contains the colours White, Primary Yellow,  Vermillion Red, Magenta, Primary Blue, Permanent Green, Dark Brown and Black. All basic colours from the colour circle for rich, intense mixed shades like orange, turquoise or purple. Black and white are used to create light and dark variants like dark blue, apricot or lilac. Mixing so many colour shades yourself – that's really a piece of cake!


Easy to wash out and water-soluble

KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paint for Children initially makes you think of acrylic paint. It comes out of a tube, has a liquid consistency, is rich in colour and it is applied with a paintbrush. But it’s not acrylic paint! You can simply wash it out of clothes, etc. That won’t work with an acrylic paint.
KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paint for Children can be washed out of most fabrics at temperatures from 30 °C. That makes painting very relaxed. And long lasting: just leave dried leftover paint on the palette, and later just mix in some water to make it liquid again. Just like a box of watercolours.


Children’s paint with child-friendly features

What are the other special features of our KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paint for Children aged from six years? It is dermatologically tested, vegan, free of microplastics and parabens. The paint is made in Germany, that is at our plant in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia. Where we already have lots of experience from the production of MUCKI children’s paints.

Ideal for letting young artists paint on card or paper. Or what about canvas for a change? For a real artist's studio feeling! The set of eight KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paints for Children KREUL contains eight tubes in mini-format, namely 20 ml. Fancy more paint and other colours like gold or fluorescent pink? The entire palette of KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paint for Children is also available in individual 75-ml tubes.