Kinder mit bemalter Tasse und Stiften von KREUL

Cocoa or tea? But only in the cup I painted myself

10/04/2023 |

Only ever painting on paper is boring! Clever kids like to express themselves creatively on everyday objects: This is just where KREUL Porcelain Marker medium Junior Set Color Your Cup comes in. Kids can use these to design their future favourite cup.



A fun gift idea for children aged from six years that will encourage their creativity. When tomorrow’s designers get painting, white cups become monster cool, decorated with kids' genuinely imaginative ideas. Ready to brighten up your own breakfast cup? Here, we show you what's included in this thoughtful creative set for children.


Just get creative: KREUL Porcelain Marker medium Junior Set Color your Cup

Surprise! Here's a box full of painting fun. The complete set for children contains everything to design a cool favourite cup. Of course, they have to get out the four porcelain markers in Yellow, Light Blue, Light Green and Black straightaway and try them out on the white cup that comes in the set.

The water-based KREUL Porcelain Markers are made so the kids can get designing straight off. They are instantly ready to use – without any need for shaking or pumping the markers. Thanks to their large and robust fibre tip with a line width of around 2 – 4 mm, children can paint easily with precise lines. Perfect for a cup with monsters, smiley faces, racing cars or flowers and leaves. 

Child-friendly porcelain markers

When children get creative, they need safe and practical paints. That's why we have dermatologically tested KREUL Porcelain Markers. The formula is also vegan. Let’s get started designing colourful cups.
Oh dear, some paint has accidentally landed in the wrong place! No worries. You can remove any paint so long it hasn't been fixed: Happy with the new design? Then let the painted cup dry for four hours, then place it in a cold domestic oven and fix the colours for 90 minutes at 160 °C. Then the painted design is dishwasher-safe.


Painting cups: But sustainably!

A colourful future? That's only possible with paints that have been made to be as sustainable as possible. With KREUL Porcelain Marker medium Junior Set Color your Cup, too, sustainability is a priority for us. The porcelain markers are made of 60 % recycled plastic and the set packaging of 94 % recycled material. We minimize our  environmental footprint by manufacturing our paints in a fair and safe process in Germany – at our plant in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia. 


The KREUL Porcelain Marker medium Junior Set Color your Cup is an original gift idea for everyone wanting to gift children aged from six years old a truly creative experience. Kids can design their own cup and let their imagination run wild. With child-friendly markers that are easy to use and paint colours made in Germany.