KREUL Nature Deko Bild Kunst im DIY Boho Style

Hibiscus flower kisses loam: our Boho art with KREUL Nature

10/12/2023 |

Autumn has arrived! Cooler temperatures and brightly coloured leaves have inspired us to create art in cool and warm colours. In Boho style! With natural materials and subtle colours, this look is perfect to give you a cosy feeling inside. The perfect job for the harmoniously balanced shades of KREUL Nature. We have chosen warm colours like Loam and Hibiscus Flower alongside cool partners like Pebble Stone, Eucalyptus and Slate.


Fancy creating some stylish comfort with Boho art for your living room? Then go grab your paintbrushes! We’ll show how easy it is with our step-by-step guide. Boho, by the way, is a shortened version of the English word bohemian or the French word bohème. In the artists' scene in the 19th century, it became established as a byword for "unconventional". So that’s why we are painting free and intuitively!




Step 1: Stir and pour paint onto your palette

What's fantastic about KREUL Nature is that all the colours match with each other. They are all inspired by the beauty of nature, in which different plants blend harmoniously. KREUL Nature is a DIY paint on water basis with good coverage. We recommend stirring the paint with a wooden stick before you start painting.

Then pour the KREUL Nature paints in Snow Crystal, Loam, Hibiscus Flower, Eucalyptus, Pebble Stone and Slate onto a porcelain plate. Pour out just the paint you need, to ensure that any paint left in the jar is not contaminated. Another advantage of a porcelain plate palette: it is great for mixing colours with each other, e.g. for a lighter pink or a darker brown.


Step 2: Prime your painting surface and paint organic shapes

KREUL Nature goes brilliantly with natural materials like wood. To make sure the subtle colour shades are radiant, prime a wooden board in white with KREUL Nature Snow Crystal. Once this base colour has dried, load a soft, flat paintbrush with KREUL Nature Loam and paint a curved, roundish shape. Next to this, use KREUL Nature Hibiscus Flower to paint a shape like the letter C. It starts getting interesting when you add features in cooler colours as a counterpoint. Paint a semi-circle with KREUL Nature Eucalyptus and a circle with KREUL Nature Pebble Stone. Just soooo easy with the creamy consistency of the DIY paint.

Step 3: Add some small features and highlights

In Boho artwork, less is more. The painted shapes in the harmonized colours show to best effect if you leave lots of space between them. This way you get a stylish interplay between the white primed wooden surface and the harmoniously coordinated KREUL Nature colours. To finish off, paint just one leafy stem as an eyecatching feature. For this, use KREUL Nature slate and switch to a fine round paintbrush. All done! Have fun painting and decorating. Our tip: arrange your Boho artwork alongside natural materias or wooden objects or paint decorative objects in the same KREUL Nature colours and place these next to your picture.

Is KREUL Nature an acrylic paint?

No, it isn’t acrylic paint. KREUL Nature is a resource-saving DIY paint. Acrylic paints contain a mix of pure acrylate and water as a binding agent. The binding agent in KREUL Nature is based on potato starch, that is on vegetable basis. We have made the paint to be as resource-friendly as possible. It consists mainly of sustainable resources of natural origin. We explain how we class a paint formulation as sustainable here.

We have also prioritized sustainability for the paint jars and packaging. The glass consists of up to 27 % recycled glass and can be completely recycled, the screw top is made of 85 % recycled plastic, the label is made with 30 % recycled fibres. And it goes without saying that KREUL Nature is made in a fair and safe process in Germany.



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