Gebastelter Adventsschmuck mit Pappmache für Kinder

Craft idea for kids: hanging Christmas ornaments made from scrap paper

11/23/2023 |

The Halloween decorations have only just been taken down, and now it’s time for festive Christmas ornaments. November’s dull weather is perfect for spending afternoons crafting new decorations. Our craft idea for children aged from 4 years and older are something new and an enjoyable distraction over two afternoons. First, the decorations are made and then decorated. The hanging Christmas ornaments made of paper mache are a perfect present for grandmas and granddads. Grab some MUCKI Craft Paint and the MUCKI Glitzy Set of four paints and we’ll show you how with these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Preparation

What you'll need for our craft idea are one bowl for the paper mache and another for the paint, some scrap paper, a few cookie cutters, some water and a wooden stick. The star players here: MUCKI Craft Paint in white and the MUCKI Glitzy Set of four paints.

Wonderful how the MUCKI Glitzy set of Gleaming Silver, Gleaming Gold, Glitter Silver and Glitter Gold twinkle and glow. Just what young Christmas crafters love. And the best thing: Mucki Craft Paint and the MUCKI Glitzy paints have been adapted to meet the needs of the mini-crafters. The paints have been dermatologically tested, they are paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, titanium-dioxide-free, vegan and they can be washed out of most textiles from 30 °C. Totally easy! But we still recommend using a wax-coated or PVC tablecloth to cover your crafting table. Then let’s get started.


Step 2: Turn shreds of paper into Christmas trees, reindeer and more

Rip the scrap paper into small pieces and place these shreds in one of the bowls. You could also use kitchen roll. Add water and leave the mix until it swells. Now the fun starts, mix up and mush the paper and water together.

Now squeeze the water out of the paper mache. Take small amounts of the paper mache and press them into the cookie cutters. We have used Christmas tree and reindeer shapes. Leave the paper mache shapes to dry overnight. The best place to do this is on a slightly warm radiator.

Step 3: Add paint and glitter to your hanging ornaments

Cool how the ornaments turn hard and solid overnight. Now press them out of the cookie cutters. Use the wooden stick to make a hole just below the top edge so you can hang the ornaments when you have finished.

Time for the paint – but not with a paintbrush. We have filled white MUCKI Craft Paint into a bowl and dipped the ornaments into the paint. The paint forms droplets when you take the ornaments out of the paint, for a fantastic fresh snow look!

Now, dry the ornaments, a hairdryer is very handy to speed up drying. Use the MUCKI Glitzy paints to decorate the ornaments. We have added silver lines and dots of gold to the trees, to make them look like miniature Christmas trees. Just thread some string through the holes and you’re ready to hang everything up.