Dip Dye Kerzen mit dem KREUL Candle Pen

Quick-to-make gift – sponged candles in dip-dye look

12/13/2023 |

Oh dear, Christmas is almost here again. And your favourite people deserve a token of your appreciation. How about some dip-dye-style candles? You can make these in no time at all with the KREUL Candle Pen. And no need for any fiddly warming of wax in a saucepan. We sponge the soft, flowing colour transition with the KREUL Candle Pen. Here's a quick how-to for this wonderful gift idea.


Sponging instead of dipping candles

They’re everywhere on social media – candles with a soft and flowing colour transition. To get this look, DIY influencers warm wax and dip candles in it. But no need for that if you use the KREUL Candle Pen. Here you dab the candles rather than dip them – no warming of the wax and cleaning the saucepan after. So easy, the kids can lend a hand to make these quick candle gifts.

Soft candle look with the KREUL Candle Pen

Our variation looks just as wonderful, but you don’t need much to get the look: just a white candle, the KREUL Candle Pen and a small sponge. Let’s get started! Apply the candle paint direct onto the candle or piece of card. Then use the sponge to pick up some paint and spread it over the candle. Small dabbing movements are best to get even coverage. The Candle Pen is filled with water-based candle paint containing natural beeswax. Perfect to get that soft look! The Candle Pen paint also has the ideal consistency to get started straightaway. That makes the candle paint so uncomplicated. 

So easy to get colour transitions on candles

Quick tip for a beautiful colour transition: use the sponge to taper off the colour towards to the bottom third of the candle. If you want, you can also add a second colour. To do this, use the second colour to work up from the bottom of the candle and taper it off towards the middle. Then leave everything to dry for around 8 hours, to allow the candle paint to harden on the candle surface. And your individual Christmas takealong present is ready to gift. Wonderful for giving someone light at this darkest time of the year. Have fun trying out this idea!

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