Holzschild anmalen beschriften mit KREUL Farben Markern

We're in the garden - our make-it-in-no-time DIY idea

07/24/2023 |

What’s our favourite place in summer? In the garden, of course! Under shady trees, beside the hibiscus bush with a view of the paddling pool, you can enjoy long and lazy summer afternoons. And so that any calling visitors know exactly where to find us, we're painting a stylish sign for the front door. Let’s get started with our make-it-in-no-time DIY tip, our decorative "We’re in the garden" sign. Naturally in the cool summer combo of mint, white, blue and pink! Paint along with us. We'll show you step-by-step how to make this DIY must-have for summers in the garden.


KREUL Chalky Paint: Stylish matt coverage in Ice Mint

We want to give our DIY sign vintage flair and a surfer vibe. Perfect for this is KREUL Chalky Paint. With our Ice Mint colour, you can easily get that beach feeling. The best thing about this paint; you get such good coverage that you can paint your wooden sign in no time. No need for a primer or cover coat. The radiant colour dries fast to a matt finish, for that special chalky look! Once dried, the paint is water- and weatherproof. Perfect for a sign that you want to hang outdoors.

Lettering: quick as you like with KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker XXL

The mint-coloured sign is already super stylish, but it will only turn into a statement piece with some lettering. We use the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker XXL in white. This marker contains acrylic paint that is also weatherproof. And the XXL tip is also really practical. With its thick and thin sides, you can paint the letters in one go. We add some dark blue shading to the white lettering. Just as for the sweeping strokes of the lettering above, we use the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker edge for the shading. The edge tip is wonderful for adding shading to lettering.

Last but not least: beautiful blooms on your DIY sign

We're just missing an additional, tropical highlight. For example, with a rose-coloured hisbiscus flower. We paint this with the KREUL Acrylic Marker egde in Delicate Rose. And if you want, add some small leaves in Olive Green Light. Finished! Hang your DIY sign on your front door and then time to relax on your sun lounger. Have fun making your sign!