KREUL Masking Marker Kunst Watercolor Painting

After work painting – drawing and painting during the blue hour


Another working day comes to an end - finally it's time to rest. But what about painting to relax instead of watching TV? When the[...]

A real all-rounder - the artist's acrylic paint SOLO GOYA Acrylic


The brush covers the canvas large-scale with rich acrylic paint. With every stroke, it glides across the paint and paves its way[...]

KREUL Acrylmattfarbe Malve

Colour of the month: mallow


The morning hours are befogging until the sun rays are glittering in countless drops of dew in the meadow. The warm days are[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Royalblau

Colour of the month: royal blue


The deep blue sea spreads until it gets lost in the horizon. The dark waves hypnotically attract our attention and sweep away the[...]

Have you already known how versatile the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic can be?


A lot of artists like the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic artists' acrylic paints in the study quality. Thanks to the liquid consistency[...]

Sprühkunst mit KREUL Farben in Neonpink

Bang effect in the leaving room: The KREUL Colour sprays set the accents


Neon pink sprinkles the spotless canvas frame in an XXL format and get ploughed by the plain blue. The two colours bang, attract[...]

Colour of the month: Apricot


One swallow doesn't make a summer - but an apricot awakens the longing for warm days and light-heartedness. The fruit from the[...]

Summertime with the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker and Masking Marker


A gentle touch of colour, a fresh breeze of inspiration and a good idea for realisation - one can spend a summer afternoon so[...]

Brilliant idea: Special-effect paint for acrylic painting and pouring


The glittering particles of the SOLO GOYA Acrylic Effect Colors reflect the light - the pearly shimmer of the paint gives pictures[...]

Asked: does pouring also work with the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic?


Pouring in a different way - not with the artists' acrylic paint SOLO GOYA Acrylic but with the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic. While[...]

Precise lines amid fluid watercolour


Should one see everything in a negative light? Sometimes yes, especially when it looks as good as here. Fine white messages are[...]

Galactic! Pouring with the new SOLO GOYA Silicon Oil


It works as if a look into a deep space, as a spaceship flight from far off galaxies. Wild, vivid, intensive and vibrant. And[...]

Harmony flowing! SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid in different colour combinations


Harmonious or rich in contrast - acrylic pouring with the SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid allows for colour combinations on a whim. The[...]

Living Coral – what is the trend colour of the year for 2019 saying to us?


No matter whether we're talking fashion, accessories, interiors or cars – every branch workíng with colours keenly anticipates the[...]

Typography standing tall. Art from A to Z


An A can be more than just a letter. The charm of different fonts, initials and graphical elements is more popular than ever.[...]

Deceptively real – and stylish: concrete look with the SOLO GOYA Acrylic Paints


Concrete fascinates. In architecture. In design. In art. Is it the atmosphere of the asphalt jungle? Its rough surface? Or the[...]

Tested by creatives: SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid


Pouring gets paints flowing, realizing ever new effects. We have already reported on this new trend for creatives and artists in a[...]

Colour of the Month: Grey


We can already hear people saying: grey, but that's so boring! We, on the other hand, think quite the opposite. As always with[...]

Pouring gets colour going with the flow


Colour combinations in stark contrast. Fascinating colour gradients. Effects that evoke images of galaxies. The attraction of[...]

Sculptural effects with the structure paste and structure gel


Structure pastes and structure gels from the SOLO GOYA Acrylic mediums enable artists to create a wide range of relief-like image[...]

Bold colour contrasts!


We love colour. And the effect of just pure colour, which is intense and attractive, without appearing fussy or brash. We give[...]

At long last, spring is in the air! With the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker


Hurray, life will soon be full of colour again! Spring is coming – and we are welcoming this beautiful season with the SOLO GOYA[...]

The perfect way to get started with acrylic painting


How about some art? Acrylic painting offers lots of different possibilities and scope for all sorts of experiments. Just try it.[...]

Watercolour painting meets hand lettering.


Do you just send Whats App messages for birthdays? Much nicer and, more than anything, much more personal is a handwritten[...]

The multi-talented SOLO GOYA Acrylic – the matt acrylic paint for artists


As a veritable multi-talent for acrylic painting, the artists' acrylic paint SOLO GOYA Acrylic is a go-to medium for many-facetted[...]