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Watercolour highlights with the SOLO GOYA Mask Liner

07/16/2020 |
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Wonderful when watercolours flow and mix spectacularly on paper. Here, water and paint determine which effects are created. But what if places in the picture need to be white and clearly defined? This is where the SOLO GOYA Mask Liner helps. With the masking medium in a handy pen, artists cover areas that remain free of paint. A perfect tool for setting highlights, light effects and strong contrasts. The SOLO GOYA Mask Liner is a tool for that certain something in watercolour painting and yet very easy to use.


The SOLO GOYA Mask Liner contains a water-based masking medium that covers parts of the image and coats them with a temporary rubber coating. As a handy pen, the medium is particularly easy to apply. The fine nozzle ensures that it can be easily dosed. Depending on the pressure, strong or delicate lines are created - fantastic for fine contours in white! The fluid of the SOLO GOYA Mask Liner remains on the paper until the coloured artwork has dried. Then rub off the covered areas with an eraser or the fingertip. What remains is white accents in the middle of intense colour.

For our watercolour artwork we use the KREUL el Greco Watercolour Set. The 12 tubes contain pastose watercolour paint which can be diluted with water to the desired consistency. Depending on the amount of water added, intensive ultramarine blue turns into a soft light blue or dark violet-red into a delicate lilac tone. Whether lemon yellow, vermilion or black: the colour shades of the set cover a wide range on the colour circle and can be mixed well with each other. Ideal for those who are just starting out with watercolour painting or are looking for a practical set for travelling.

Today we find the great happiness of colour in small things and decide on a minimalist motif: we paint the artist's materials on the desk and create spectacular light reflections with the SOLO GOYA Mask Liner. First, the motif is drawn with a pencil on the watercolour paper. Then comes our professional trick and we paint all areas with the SOLO GOYA Mask Liner that remain white in the finished work. When the masking is dry, we mix the shades of the KREUL el Greco Watercolour Set on the palette with water. The liquid watercolour paint is quickly applied wet-on-dry to the paper. When the watercolour paint is dry, we carefully rub the masking off with our finger. Then we set accents by painting over individual white areas with another watercolour glaze. Done! With the right tricks, everyone becomes a watercolour professional!

  • SOLO GOYA Mask Liner, Art.-Nr. 86360
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  • SOLO GOYA Artist brush Goldhair Synthetics round, Gr. 6, Art.-Nr. 200506
  • KREUL el Greco Watercolour paints 12-piece Set, Art.-Nr. 26050
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