Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Ocean

07/21/2020 |

Broad and unfathomable: the deep blue of the ocean awakens a longing for distance and freedom. The cool shade lets us breathe deeply and feel how powerful the waves roar around the coast. An eternal rising, rolling and retreating of the tides. On the far horizon there is clear harmony, nothing obstructs the view ahead. The maritime atmosphere frees and directs our gaze into the distance. The KREUL Nature Ocean refreshes the senses - like a day at the sea. In August we follow the call of the distance in our thoughts with pleasure. With the KREUL Nature Ocean, it's easy.

When glistening sunlight hits endless depths of water on a clear day, a shade of blue is created that combines harmony and infinity. The KREUL Nature Ocean is inspired by this colour. It contains a lot of dark navy blue and a little white - creating freshness that makes us forget time. Unlike the blue tones of the Caribbean, however, the colour does not contain any green. Only deep mid-blue thrills our innermost being.

Those who are inspired by the beauty of nature will also see the need for protection and prudent action. We have therefore developed the KREUL Nature into a paint that conserves resources. Its ingredients consist of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. The cardboard packaging is produced in a climate-neutral way and the glass is completely recyclable. The KREUL Nature is produced in Hallerndorf, Upper Franconia. Short transport routes and high quality standards are implemented here as a matter of course - 'Made in Germany'. We believe that much can be achieved with reliability, appreciation and sustainable action. With every glass of the KREUL Nature a little bit more!

Whatever is decorated with the KREUL Nature Ocean is immediately given a maritime touch. The creamy paint can be applied with a brush and is opaque. How about capturing the memory of beautiful sea days and refining small beach finds? Shells, pieces of wood polished by water or pebbles become small pieces of jewellery in the shade of blue in the apartment. Together with white furniture or natural woods, maritime flair is created in a flash. Perfect for those who want to surround themselves with sea freshness for a longer period of time.