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We paint spines, fur and scales: MUCKI Play Me Paintbox

08/19/2020 |

Bored on holiday? It will disappear in a flash when Konny Kroko and his friends show up. These cheerful and colourful animals are the main characters in the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox 'We paint spines, fur and scales'. To paint animal fur is not so easy and requires good fine motor skills and patience. The MUCKI Play Me Paintbox trains this in a playful and fun way. Fingerpaint is purposefully mixed, dabbed and scratched - and a surface is created that is reminiscent of scales and spines. Wow, it's unbelievable what children aged 4 and up can do! It looks like shimmering fish skin - only prettier, after all, it's full of fantasy. Learning through creative play with colour is simply wonderful!


The secret of the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox 'We paint spines, fur and scales': here you paint and train at the same time. The busy dabbing and drawing lines trains hand-eye coordination. An absolute plus point! This is why the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox 'We paint spines, fur and scales' is especially recommended by teachers. In addition to finger paints, mixing containers and painting tools, the children's creative box contains illustrated instructions. Mummy can read them out loud, but the clever kids quickly discover themselves how hedgehog spikes and fish scales can be creatively designed following nature's examples.

Great what the kids can do with a little colour and a few tricks. With the included tools such as wooden sticks, a sponge, cotton buds and sponge brushes, they work on an extra sheet of paper. So, there is plenty of room for many boundless ideas. Oops, no matching colour available? Then you can quickly mix it. Now the little artists learn that it is easy to make mixed colours like orange, green or pink yourself.  When everything is dry, the finished picture and the matching animal stencil are placed on top of each other. Konny Kroko is already grinning in a deceptively real crocodile outfit.

When learning is so creative and playful, it is infinitely more fun. How good when parents can rely on brand quality. The MUCKI Play Me Paintbox 'We paint spines, fur and scales' is equipped with the MUCKI finger paints in red, blue, yellow, black and white. The paints have sensitive properties: they contain harmless ingredients, are dermatologically tested, vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free and lactose-free. The MUCKI finger paints are manufactured in Germany. In this way, we not only ensure short transport routes, but also consistent quality and strict compliance with standards.

Ready! The two-part pictures have become fantastic animal portraits! Big brothers and sisters are astonished and want to create a scale dress - how good that mum copied the patterns beforehand. If you're in the mood for even more learning fun in the MUCKI quality, you can be happy: the MUCKI Play Me Paintboxes are also available in the variants 'We mix, paint and dab' as well as 'We count with colours and fingers'.

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