KREUL Vergolden Blattgold Metall Kleber Anlegemilch flüssig

Gilding with the KREUL Primer: luxury for favourite pieces

08/20/2020 |

The incident light shimmers gently on the surface and glows like the setting sun. Golden objects are small treasures that make you hold your breath and bring the moment to a brief standstill. The colour gold alone turns everyday objects into something special. But when refined with golden leaf metal, they reflect the light in an elegant way. We bring a touch of luxury into our homes and gild them with the KREUL Leaf Metal, KREUL Primer and KREUL Coating Lacquer. Thus, simple boxes become elegant jewellery boxes, picture frames become eye-catchers and handmade paper becomes magnificent manuscripts. Fantastic how stylish DIY with gold leaf metal can be!

In the art scene, it has been common practice for centuries to decorate picture frames and sculptures with leaf metals or liquid bronze. The filigree techniques require a certain amount of sensitivity and special tools. The KREUL programme offers several possibilities: gilding with leaf metal and the KREUL Primer - liquid, pastose or in a marker, the KREUL Liquid Bronze or the KREUL Leaf Metal Effect Spray. Both professionals and beginners will find everything they need for traditional craftsmanship. Would you like to try your hand in this masterly art? Be brave, it is worth it. Here we will reveal how gilding with the KREUL Primer works.

The shine of metal is unique. However, the refined work of art will only remain permanently beautiful if suitable adhesives and varnishes are used. With the KREUL Primer, very delicate precious metal leaves adhere to wood, glass, paper, canvas, stone and many other materials. The special water-based glue is available in several variations: as a liquid primer, in pastose form and as a marker. We use the KREUL Liquid Primer to paint, drip and play with brush and ground structures. The KREUL Primer Pastose is ideal for stenciling and masking. The KREUL Marker Primer has a wedge point to create filigree decorations and lettering with gold leaf. A fantastic effect for handlettering!

We give a box and a wooden picture frame a touch of luxury and apply the liquid KREUL Primer evenly with a brush. On highly absorbent surfaces we recommend applying twice. It is important that the surface to be designed is clean and free of dust and grease. Now let the surface dry for about 20 minutes. Then it is time to carefully apply the wafer-thin KREUL Leaf Metal and gently press down with the dry brush. Then remove the excess with a soft, dry brush. After drying, (at least 12 hours) polish the gilded surface with a soft polishing cloth or cotton wool. Allow gilded objects to dry for several days and coat them with KREUL Coating Lacquer for leaf metal to protect against corrosion. For decorative elements made of concrete, plaster, terracotta, clay or for outdoor use, we use the KREUL Zapon varnish.

  • KREUL Leaf Metal Gold 140 x 140 mm 6 sheets, Art. Nr. 99401
  • KREUL Leaf Metal Flakes Gold 2 g, Art. Nr. 99431
  • KREUL Primer 50 ml, Art. Nr. 99450
  • KREUL Finishing varnish for Leaf Metal 50 ml, Art. Nr. 99400
  • KREUL Brush for gilding with Leaf Metal 2-piece set, Art. Nr. 723040
  • Cotton wool or polishing cloth