KREUL Stift Künstler schwarz Zeichnen

Black is back: strong sketches with the KREUL Black Marker

08/24/2020 |

Black lines on a white background: whenever the most contrasting colour combination appears, it becomes particularly expressive in art. After all, the pictorial effect is created solely by playing with dark contours and light areas. The KREUL Black Marker draws rich black lines and delights all those who wish to reduce colour and form to basic black and white. Whether for casual sketching or conceptual design - a perfect artist's pencil must do a reliable job in many applications. That is why we have equipped the KREUL Black Marker with different tips and line widths. So, everyone will find his or her own ideal tool for high-contrast design. 'Black' is simply unbeatable!


Each masterpiece is preceded by numerous sketches. Illustrations, comics or graphics are also first captured on paper with simple black lines. With the KREUL Black Marker you can create impressive faces, illustrations and much more. Without doubt: the black artist's pen is a basic tool for all artists.


Thin lines, distinctive surfaces or sweeping contours: the KREUL Black Marker masters every artistic drawing challenge. This is because there is an optimal tip for every form of representation. With a bullet tip and a line width of 1-2 millimetres, sketching almost works by itself. The KREUL Black Marker medium is an all-rounder. For filigree ornaments and details, we recommend the KREUL Black Marker fine with a line width of 0.8 millimetres. Those who are enthusiastic about the art of writing in pencil will be delighted with the wedge-shaped tip of the KREUL Black Marker calligraphy. Lettering fans will love the sweeping letters created by a flexible brush tip. The KREUL Black Marker brush achieves this with ease! It's a good thing that all four versions are available in a set of 4 - so artists have the right sketching pencil for every occasion.

And what if it should turn colourful? Then the KREUL Black Marker makes a fine figure! After all, it contains waterproof, pigmented ink. Finished black and white drawings look simply wonderful with a little watercolour. The KREUL Black Marker is therefore an ideal complement to the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker. We are absolutely thrilled how a black hand lettering writing looks like on a watercolour background in magenta. Is this the beginning of the great love of paper? Understandably, the combination of the KREUL Black Marker and the colourful SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Markers attract great attention in a very uncomplicated way. That is why this combination is available in the KREUL PaperLove Marker Set. So many possibilities, so many ideas: so uncomplicated is sketching fun!

  • KREUL Black Marker medium, Art. Nr. 18172
  • KREUL Black Marker fine, Art. Nr. 18171
  • KREUL Black Marker calligraphy, Art. Nr. 18173
  • KREUL Black Marker brush, Art. Nr. 18174
  • KREUL Black Marker 4-piece Set, Art. Nr. 18170
  • SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker Magenta, Art. Nr. 18104
  • KREUL PaperLove Marker Set, Art. Nr. 18199