KREUL DIY Farbe nachhaltig Nature braun ocker

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Loam

09/10/2020 |

Down-to-earth and earthly: the KREUL Nature Loam reminds of sandy soils and moist clay - a soil that nourishes plants allowing them to grow and thrive. Loam is inspired by 'being outside' and creating in the open field. The soft brown tone connects us to the original, spreads stability and focuses our thoughts. When the harvest time begins in autumn, we like to think about what fertile earth produces and gives us. The KREUL Nature Loam is therefore our colour of the month September.


At the end of the day, when the golden rays of the sun warm the earth, a sandy shade full of security is created. In contrast to other strong brown tones, the KREUL Nature Loam is friendly and light. The shade is a mixed colour in which the basic colours unite. It contains mainly yellow which gives the shade warmth and cordiality. The KREUL Nature Loam shows that an earthy tone can be radiantly beautiful and yet not overpowering. 

The KREUL Nature Loam is a brown shade with a lot of sustainability in it. We do not only want to be guided by the beauty of nature, but also preserve it. That is why we have made the KREUL Nature a DIY colour that conserves resources. Thus, 84% of the formula consists of sustainable raw materials of natural origin. The packaging of the set is produced in a climate-neutral way and the glass is recyclable. With the location in Germany, we have chosen to work fairly with a high-quality standard and short transport routes. It is nice when a lot can be achieved for a responsible future with love of colour and appreciation.

The KREUL Nature Loam has a natural and balancing effect. The light brown emphasizes the natural colour of real wood. Tree slices, bark or other finds from the forest can be given a cosy character by painting them with the KREUL Loam. On a white background like handmade paper the brown shade stands out almost golden.  A wonderful shade that brings cosiness into the home. DIY with the KREUL Nature Loam is relaxing experience and shows that here you can feel safe and secure!