A disco feeling with the KREUL Glitter Pens and the KREUL Metallic Pens

09/24/2020 |
  • KREUL Puffy Paint and Outliner Pen
  • KREUL Glitter Pen
  • KREUL Metallic Pen
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  • Ideen für Kreative

What is sparkling and shimmering so atmospherically here? Well, the KREUL Glitter and Metallic Pens. With an extra portion of glitter and in a cool metallic look, they put us into a party mood. These decorative and effect colours are just right for conjuring up a chic party decoration from simple things. With the handy pens, we are gliding jauntily over paper pennant chains and are fascinated by the glamorous look. A unique decoration with a wow-effect: not only the eyes of the party queen will shine!


With the KREUL Glitter Pens and the KREUL Metallic Pens, the party decoration gets an individual glam factor very easily. A golden shimmering zigzag line here, a glittering heart there - the effect colours turn simple designs into eye-catchers. The KREUL Glitter Pens have a gel consistency. This creates a haptic effect. The KREUL Metallic Pens are creamy and opaque. The cool party look is mainly created by the countless glittering particles in the KREUL Glitter Pens and the pearlescent components of the KREUL Metallic Pens. It's wonderful when DIY shimmers as impressively as a disco ball!

The KREUL Glitter Pens are available in 7 different colours. The choice between fuchsia, green and others is not easy. We have chosen subtle gold, silver and excitingly iridescent galaxy. Matching them, the KREUL Metallic Pens are available in gold and silver. Unscrew the lid, press lightly - and the glitter decoration fun can begin. In no time at all, we decorate paper, cards and paper cups with metallic and glittering accents. With the handy pen, this is not only uncomplicated but also very precise. Filigree details as eye-catchers are made easily with our DIY party decoration!

The decorative and special-effect paint does not only last on paper. The dazzling glitter and shimmer look also makes objects made of wood, ceramic, stone, metal or plastic suitable for parties. The KREUL Glitter Pens and the KREUL Metallic Pens even hold on textiles. How about a self-designed shirt for each party guest or a matching tablecloth for the buffet? To do this, press the tip of the pen lightly into the fibre, let the paint dry for 8 hours and fix the decoration in a preheated oven (150 degrees, top and bottom heat, approx. 8 minutes). It's great what glitter and metallic effects can do. This is how we enjoy party preparation!

  • KREUL Glitter Pen Galaxy, Art. Nr. 49853
  • KREUL Glitter Pen Silver, Art. Nr. 49846
  • KREUL Glitter Pen Gold, Art. Nr. 49847
  • KREUL Metallic Pen Silver, Art.-Nr. 49872
  • KREUL Metallic Pen Gold, Art.-Nr. 49871