KREUL Javana Seiden Malen Farbe T Shirt DIY sprayen

The summer look: airbrush shirt

07/13/2020 |

Fashionistas beware: July will be hot, at least with this spray-designed T-shirt! Wow, that's where urban art and the desire for experimental colour effects come together. We sprayed the KREUL Javana Silk Paint on a perfectly clean shirt and are thrilled how expressive an individually designed T-shirt can be. The summer shirt is sprayed into statement! Great for a planned city trip, a weekend shopping tour or for a lunch meeting. The airbrush shirt shows: fashion can be so casual and expressive at the same time. Here we show step-by-step how colour artwork works with the KREUL Javana Silk Paint.

For our individually designed T-shirt, only that paint comes into question which is highly pigmented and lightfast. The KREUL Javana Silk Paint impresses with brilliant shades. It has a flowing character, which is why it is often used for watercolour effects in silk painting. However, liquid and strong colours are a perfect condition for the airbrush technique! So, the paint can be sprayed easily, atomized in countless droplets and penetrate deep into the T-shirt. The sprayed, dried paint does not change the softness of the fabric. Optimal, when the new favourite piece not only looks stunning, but also remains comfortable!

The KREUL Javana Silk Paint is available in many different shades. A large colour palette makes the choice for a monochrome colour application not easy. We have chosen the KREUL Javana Silk Paint in Navy Blue. On a white background the nuance looks classic, summery fresh and noble. With it we create a look that plays with casual spray optics in a cool light-dark contrast. For an individually sprayed T-shirt, the content of a 50 ml glass is perfectly sufficient. However, if you have acquired a taste for it and would like to try out more of the KREUL Javana Silk Paint, we would be happy to offer a large version in 275 ml.

With the KREUL Javana Silk Paint, textiles made of cotton, viscose or linen can be decorated with colour. It is only important that the fabric is light-coloured. We cover our creative area with a newspaper so that no splashes of paint land onto furniture. Then we spread the freshly washed, dry T-shirt. We fill the KREUL Silk Paint in Navy Blue into an empty bottle with pump spray. Then we pump intensively and then we press the sprayer down with our finger and spread the paint in tiny droplets on the desired area. Wonderful what the technology does: simply cool, casual and absolutely unique. After a drying time of 6 hours, the airbrush shirt is fixed with the iron at cotton setting for 5 minutes (cover with a thin cloth). This way it becomes washable up to 40 degrees and will enchant you long after summer!

  • KREUL Javana Silk Paint Navy Blue, Art.-Nr. 8110
  • KREUL Pump Spray Empty bottle, Art.-Nr. 81340
  • White cotton T-shirt