KREUL Textilfarben Sommer Design Tasche Kirsche Beere

Fresh and fine in fruit design

07/08/2020 |

Can the weekly shopping be stylish? Sure! With our self-designed bag in a summery fruit look, we'll bring a little pep into your everyday like. We don't need the plastic bags and like to wear individual fabric designs for every occasion. The mini fruits are simply sugar sweet and painted with the KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for light fabrics in no time at all. You can bet that they will not only attract admiring glances at the fruit counter. We would be happy to tell you how easy and quick individual textile design can be. With colours as cheerful as an uncomplicated summer flirt.


The textile dye is water-based and penetrates deep into the fabric. For our fabric bag in fruit style we used a white cotton bag. The KREUL Javana Fabric Paints for light-coloured textiles are also suitable for painting light viscose and mixed fabrics up to a maximum of 20% synthetic fibre content. The paint is beautifully smooth and can be applied perfectly with a brush. The quick fabric designers start right from the jar. However, the shades can also be mixed with each other. To do this, we put a small amount of paint on a palette or a plate.

We design our cheeky fruits in cheerful summer colours such as May green, lemon, orange and seductive carmine red. The combination looks like a sparkling fruit cocktail even in the glass. If you prefer to paint fabric in other colours, you can be happy: the KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for light-coloured textile is available in many bright colours - a palette as colourful as summer!

Enough raving: now we will design fabric! We dip our brush into bright carmine red and paint little cherries on the light cotton bag. Shortly, the excess paint is wiped off on a cloth, followed by pretty mini fruits like lemons, bananas or currants. To prevent the fruit artwork from pressing through to the back of the bag, it is advisable to place baking paper inside the bag. Just a few more dabs of colour, then let everything dry for 6 hours, and then you can fix your personal favourite shopper with the iron at cotton setting for 5 minutes. Alternatively, fix in a preheated oven at 150 °C for 8 minutes. After fixing, the design is lightfast and washable, inside out up to 60 °C.

  • KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for light-coloured textile citron, Art.-Nr. 91901
  • KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for light-coloured textile May green, Art.-Nr. 90913
  • KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for light-coloured textile orange, Art.-Nr. 90903
  • KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for light-coloured textile carmine red, Art.-Nr. 90905
  • KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for light-coloured textile light red, Art.-Nr. 90904
  • KREUL Universal brush Basic Synthetics flat size 20, Art.Nr. 721120
  • White cotton bag