KREUL el Greco Ölfarbe Einsteiger Set

Oil paint for first masterpieces

12/17/2020 |
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Creamy texture and brilliant shades: oil painting is an experience for the senses. There is something vulnerable about pictures painted in oil. After all, even the old masters relied on the special paint. With the KREUL el Greco Oil Paints Set, it is very easy to get a taste of this world. The 12 colour tones of the set offer everything beginners need to capture still lives, portraits and landscapes on canvas. The lightfastness of the KREUL el Greco oil paints ensures that the finished works of art retain their colour intensity - just like real masterpieces!


The 12 tubes of the KREUL el Greco Oil Paints Set make it easy to try your hand at art. The handy 12 ml tubes contain basic colours that can be used to create all kinds of designs. Titanium white, cadmium yellow lemon, light ochre, vermilion, crimson, burnt sienna, burnt umber, emerald green, chrome oxide green, ultramarine blue, dark cobalt blue and ivory black - the shades offer a balanced colour palette of warm and cool nuances. So, beginners can get started with oil painting right away. The compact compilation of oil paints is practical for school, study and work, because the basic colours can be easily mixed with each other.

Oil paint has a significantly longer drying time than other paints. This is an advantage that allows the artwork to be continuously changed and colour transitions to be seamless. The applied paint remains 'open' for a longer period of time and can be painted over and over again without the addition of painting agents. This creates works of art with attention to detail and representations of light and shadow. The gloss of the moist KREUL el Greco Oil Paint remains even when dry and puts the painting in the right light.

Painting with traditional colours may seem a little intimidating. But it doesn't need to be so. With the KREUL el Greco Oil Paints Set, great art is very uncomplicated. The colours can be applied directly to the canvas of the stretched frame. A wooden palette is recommended for mixing. We first paint the basic shapes roughly with the SOLO GOYA artist brush Goldhair Synthetics and then become more precise with each new application of paint. A few light reflections in titanium white and shadows in ivory black make the work of art appear three-dimensional. It was so easy - we are thrilled to see how playful painting can be. The oily paint however requires thorough brush cleaning. First, the remaining paint is wiped off the brush with a clean cloth. Then we dissolve the remaining paint resides from the brush with water and curd soap. What water and soap cannot remove, turpentine substitute can do.

Practical, compact and colourful - the KREUL el Greco Oil Paints Set is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves to paint. The basic set of oil paints is a nice present, together with a brush and stretcher it makes a welcome surprise. If you want to give a large palette of creativity as a gift, choose another basic set. The KREUL el Greco sets are not only available with oil paints, but also with gouache, watercolour and acrylic paints. So many possibilities - perfect for more birthdays to come, Christmas or as a gift to yourself.

  • KREUL el Greco Oil Paints Set 12 x 12 ml tubes, Art.-Nr. 26150
  • SOLO GOYA Artist Brush Goldhair Synthetics round, size 6, Art.-Nr. 200506
  • KREUL Stretched Canvas 30 x 30 cm, Art.-Nr. 593030
  • SOLO GOYA Turpentine substitute, Art.-Nr. 3571-50ML
  • Water, curd soap