KREUL Nature Pinsel ohne Zwinge Birke Holz

KREUL Nature Brush: simple and natural

12/10/2020 |

First a brief dip, then a gentle glide over the surface, again and again: playing with the KREUL Nature paint is meditative and directs our senses to the perfection of nature. It is nice to use a brush that is simple and reduced to the essentials. The KREUL Nature brush is made of untreated birch wood and without a metal ferrule. This is a brush that makes do with little and yet is robust. The KREUL Nature is a holistic concept that wants to make a contribution. Isn't it natural to choose a brush that also combines sustainable principles? We have it. Together with our long-standing partner for brush manufacturing, we have developed two brushes that carry the KREUL Nature concept further.


The KREUL Nature brush is available in two versions that differ in the brush trim. So, the KREUL Nature Brush Synthetics is equipped with white synthetic hairs. These are soft and elastic - perfect for a fine application of paint on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces such as wood or stone. The brush handle is conically ground. This means that the KREUL Nature Brush Synthetics fits comfortably in the hand and looks elegant.

For a coarse application of paint, we recommend the KREUL Nature Brush Bristle. With its natural pig bristles, you can achieve beautiful colour effects on absorbent surfaces such as handmade paper. The cylindrical brush shape of the KREUL Nature Brush Bristle makes it easy to work with - countless times. Should it ever break, it can simply be disposed of in the organic waste bin.

The KREUL Nature Brush is developed and manufactured in Germany. In this way, we use professional know-how and a high level of quality awareness. Long transport routes can also be saved in this way. This saves resources and at the same time secures jobs. We ensure fair and pollutant-free production in accordance with the environmental management standard ISO 1400. It goes without saying that the birch wood comes from local, certified forestry. A sustainable brush can achieve great things if you only make a few adjustments. We are happy to make a contribution to the future!

  • KREUL Nature Brush Bristle, Art.-Nr. 49461
  • KREUL Nature Brush Synthetics, Art.-Nr. 49464