KREUL Pouring Art Metallic

Shimmering spectacle: pouring art in black and gold

12/16/2019 |

Black and gold. This is not a colour combination, but a statement. The strong contrast makes the colour gold shimmer excitingly. A wow effect that fits perfectly into December because it stands for a very big performance with lots of glamour. At the end of the year, we let it rip once again and use the pouring technique to create abstract masterpieces in a golden glow. The SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid makes acrylic colours flow and lets the chance create thrilling shapes reminiscent of thundering wave crests. How about some sparkling, unexpected effects? We'll show how it works.


Universe in a nutshell? Our colour galaxy on stretched frames has its own origin in a cup. We put the SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid into a container, so that the amount is enough for a large stretced frame and stir in golden acrylic paint. For black and white, we will mix separate colour cups in the same way. When the consistency of each mixture is similar to that of liquid honey, we pour all the colours one after the other into another cup.

The prepared paint cup is slowly emptied onto a stretched frame in slight swivel movements. The SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid dilutes the acrylic paints so much that they melt perfectly on the canvas. The paint flow can be directed in certain directions by lifting the frame. Fantastic how the white nestles wave-like around the precious gold!

To obtain marbled surfaces, we use the flip cup pouring technique. For this, the stretched frame is placed on the prepared colour cup like a lid and both objects are turned over at the same time. Carefully lift the cup at an angle, open it and quickly remove it. Then add more gold to free image areas. The result is a work of art that lets plain walls shine extravagantly.

The addition of two to three drops of silicone oil creates cell-like structures. The transparent oil pushes back the water-based acrylic paints and the underlying layer of paint becomes visible. We are absolutely thrilled with the result! Depending on the layer thickness of the paint and the size of the stretched frame, the drying process takes between 12 and 72 hours. During this time, the artwork should not be moved to avoid subsequent shifts of the paint. After everything has dried, the SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid can be applied with a brush as a glossy topcoat on the stretched frame.

  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic white, Art.-Nr. 84101
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic gold, Art.-Nr.  84128
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic black, Art.-Nr. 84126
  • SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid, Art.-Nr. 87207
  • SOLO GOYA Stretched Canvas Basic Line 20 x 20 cm, Art.-Nr. 62020
  • SOLO GOYA Stretched Canvas Basic Line 30 x 30 cm, Art.-Nr. 63030
  • KREUL Palette knife 4-piece set, Art.-Nr. 41822   
  • One palette knife per colour for stirring
  • Waterproof foil for generous protection of the base
  • Mixing cups, one cup per colour and further cups for mixing
  • Spacer, e.g. cup
  • Paper towels for unwanted stains and drops
  • Disposable gloves