A real all-rounder - the artist's acrylic paint SOLO GOYA Acrylic

09/17/2019 |

The brush covers the canvas large-scale with rich acrylic paint. With every stroke, it glides across the paint and paves its way through the intensive creamy texture. The white background is no longer visible. What is left is colour space where light reflects from the wet paint. When dry, the paint shows how intensively matt spaces can shine. Whether few lines or multiple colour layers on top of each other: the acrylic paint SOLO GOYA Acrylic is perfect to create breath-taking artwork from inspiration.


During production, the artist's acrylic paint in the study quality receives a big amount of colour pigments. This gives the paint a high colour intensity and a brilliant radiance. The acrylic paint SOLO GOYA Acrylic has a smooth consistency, so it can be easily spread on the canvas. But other backgrounds are also suitable for a diverse application of artists' ideas.


Applying many colour layers on one another - that's what is attractive in acrylic painting. Due to its strong opacity, the acrylic paint SOLO GOYA Acrylic is an ideal partner that doesn't have any limits for creativity. The paint can be richly applied directly from the tube or the bottle onto picture carriers. It invites for a play with liquid paints.

The acrylic paint SOLO GOYA Acrylic is ideal for different techniques and picture formats. The smallest dabs can be added in detailed work. With a wide brush and spontaneous movements, one can achieve impressive paintings on large formats. The acrylic paint is simply an all-rounder in a studio.

The paint allows for more wiggle room for experimenting. Plastic designs, unstructured surfaces or relief-like patterns can appear when working with a palette knife. We are excited not only about the ultramarine blue since the paint is available in 42 colour shades. We are looking forward to inspiring hours in the studio and colour-intensive artwork on the walls.

  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic white, Art-Nr. 84101
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic ultramarine blue, Art-Nr. 84116
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic cobalt blue, Art-Nr. 84215
  • SOLO GOYA Stretched Canvas Basic Line 50 x 60 cm, Art-Nr. 65060
  • SOLO GOYA Artist brush Gold hair Synthetics, Art-Nr. 202302
  • SOLO GOYA Artist palette knife, Art-Nr. 336-8
  • SOLO GOYA Artist palette knife, Art-Nr. 336-4