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Colour of the month: mallow

09/12/2019 |

The morning hours are befogging until the sun rays are glittering in countless drops of dew in the meadow. The warm days are saying goodbye. But whereas others are putting on their hats, the lush mallow shrubs are summoning their radiance once again. The dark rose shade decorates farm gardens and lines the English cottages. Goodbye summer, it was good with you. The colour shade mallow makes us look back wistfully and gently gets us in the mood for autumn.

In some palettes, the shade is described as dusty pink or as light Bordeaux. Inspired from late summer blossom, we announce the colour mallow. Our colour of the month is darker than many of the pink variations and lighter than lavender.

The colour is a mixture of delicate pink and a touch of violet. Mallow is a combination of the primary colours blue and red and is finally brightened up with white. Different than light purple, the mallow contains more share of red. The resulting paint is therefore warmer - just a typical autumn colour!

Many artists were inspired by mallows and created late summer landscape paintings with splendidly blooming gardens. The quiet colour shade creates bright accents; however, it softly holds back. The nature combines mallow with light yellow shades inside flowers and fresh leaf green. But, even neutral colours like white, black and grey can be wonderfully combined with mallow. Together with violet and some gold, mallow is noble and trendy for autumn.

In the KREUL assortment, the colour shade mallow is available as acrylic matt paint. The creamy opaque paint excites creatives and creates noble accents at home. A dab of mallow acts softly in the living room with white ground colours or wooden furniture. Whether on a vase or large-scale on a drawer: mallow brings colour into the flat  without working intrusively. In this sense, we let the summer end and look forward to the cuddly hours at home.

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