Luca Bettinger Homo Oeconomicus

Luca Bettinger: Sacred Window Color Art

10/10/2019 |

Bright colours arranged in filigree ornaments - Luca Bettinger's church window radiates grandeur. A second glance reveals a message that lends the work of art 'Homo Oeconomicus' its name. The artist depicted the man as a saint in the consumer religion - not with coloured glass but with the KREUL Window Color. We respectfully bow our heads!


'It perfectly underlines the appearance of coloured glass, just as we know it from the church', says Luca Bettinger. The artist already knew the KREUL Window Color from his childhood. During an illustration course in the 6th semester of the communication design course, an idea was born to implement the theme with liquid window paint and sacral expressions. Like the philosopher Walter Benjamin, Luca Bettinger saw parallels between religion and consumption.

The realization took place directly on a 2x1 meter large plexiglass plate which was later attached to a windowpane for the semester exhibition. It was precisely the falling daylight that gave the church window its sacred effect. The artist did not want to tell us how many bottles of the KREUL Window Color were used. But creative minds can understand that Luca Bettinger worked with a lot of patience and attention to detail.

Luca Bettinger has been studying communication design in Würzburg since 2016. Illustration has played an important role since the first semester. Even after a short detour to classical graphic design in which he worked for half a year in Cologne in connection to his studies, he returned to drawing. He mainly devoted himself to illustrative work that remind of woodcuts as well as graphic elements and dark rushing textures. With his illustration project 'Homo Oeconomicus', he shows that the KREUL Window Color is an expressive colour for artists. We wish Luca Bettinger further success!