KREUL Window Color herbstlich Tipps Tricks

An autumn look for the window with the KREUL Window Color

10/10/2019 |

Outside, the leaves on the tress are changing their colour, raindrops are hammering on the windowpane - time to use the wet and cold weather for a handcrafting afternoon! We catch the autumn mood and make the window beautiful with the KREUL Window Color pictures. This is even possible for inexperienced Window Color beginners from 6 years old. The trick? We are happy to reveal it with this step-by-step guide!


We print motifs of a deer, a fox and leaves. There are numerous patterns on the Internet. We put the patterns under the transparent special foil. First, we draw the outlines of the animal with the KREUL Window Color Contour Paint in gold. Even if the original motif was supposed to be more complex, we only reproduce the outer outlines. This gives us a larger area to paint on. For everybody who paints with the Window Color for the first time, this is much easier. So, the window picture is guaranteed to work out!

When the contour was drying for two hours, the painting fun can start. We paint every animal motif and leaves with one or two colours. Press a little and the paint will come easily out of the bottle. It is important not to leave any gaps but to colour the motif completely because the paint shrinks a little when drying. Already finished? You can only remove the window picture 24 hours after the paint has been applied.

It's worth to wait: the animal and leaf motifs can be simply removed from the foil the very next day. The fox, the stag and others stick to all smooth surfaces. The autumn Window Color pictures look particularly beautiful on the window where the shining sunrays make the colour glow. The pictures also stick to mirrors, cups or glass bottles. What will daddy say if the aquarium is decorated with the Window Color in autumn?

  • KREUL Window Color Orange, Art-Nr. 42731
  • KREUL Window Color Snow white, Art.-Nr. 42702
  • KREUL Window Color Sunny yellow, Art-Nr. 42706
  • KREUL Window Color Dark brown, Art-Nr. 42722
  • KREUL Window Color Moss green, Art-Nr. 42719
  • KREUL Window Color Contour paint Gold, Art-Nr. 42772
  • KREUL Window Color Special foil, DIN A4, Art-Nr. 42792