Florencia Capdepon_Solo Goya Triton Acrylic Marker

Florencia Capdepon: geometric art in acrylic paint

01/20/2020 |

Pink waves spill over turquoise arches. Here and there colourful circles, as if thrown back and forth by the floods of colour. Florencia Capdepon knows how to play with gaudy tones and simple shapes. Her works radiate power and self-confidence - just like their creator. For her abstract works of art, Florencia Capdepon takes full advantage of the colour intensity and knitting strength of the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Paint Marker. We are thrilled to see the spectacle which the power lady will create with this marker.


The artist lives and works in Punta del Este in Uruguay. Her acrylic art is characterized by geometrical forms of expression. As a former student of the Uruguayan artist Guillermo Fernandez, she dedicates herself to abstract representation. 'When I paint, I forget about time and enter a world full or parallel lines and geometric figures,' the artist says. Her current works are part of the series 'Parallel universes - intermittent worlds'. She places triangles, circles and coloured areas in such a way that they are interrupted by black lines. If you take a step back, however, connections can be seen. Are there planets? Is there a crab hiding there?

Florencia Capdepon's love of clear lines and shapes was obviously already in her cradle. Her father was an architect and influenced her in her creative work. Even as a little girl, she was impressed by construction plans and graphic representations of buildings. In her family, the influence of architecture and design has always been noticeable. Books by Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and others always tangible. Perhaps this is why her paintings remind us of artists who stick in their works to clear forms and lines.

Florencia Capdepon prefers wood as a background for her paintings. First she cuts lines into the wood with a cutter creating a relief-like structure and depth. Then she works out her pieces of art with acrylic paint - sometimes only in shades of blue, sometimes more in red. In all her colourful works, however, her trademarks can be found: black lines and circles. 'The circles are the female part of the paintings, in the middle of the strict black lines,' says the artist. In recent years, Florencia Capdepon has enjoted drawing inspiration from her travels in Europe. In doing so, she discovered the colours of KREUL. She adores the metallic tones of the SOLO GOYA Acrylic and gives her works a recognition value with the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Paint Markers. We wish Florencia Capdepon all the best and look forward to more expressive pictures.