KREUL Nature Lila Violett sanft Farbe

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Lavender


Soothing and attractive: in nature, lavender enchants with a fragrance that refreshes the senses. Bees swarm around the aromatic[...]

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Hibiscus


Cheerful and sensitive: the South Seas beauty radiates summery carefreeness. The pink nuance smiles at us and makes the sun rays[...]

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Pebble Stone


The stream meanders through the landscape in small waves, winds past obstacles and grinds rocky edges round. Some stones on the[...]

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Bee Honey


Golden and cheerful: the colour shade bee honey glows intensely and entices with moments of joy. The warm shade belongs to the[...]

Colour of the month: eucalyptus


Relaxing and invigorating at the same time: the colour shade eucalyptus caresses our senses, vitalises the mind and spreads[...]

KREUL Nature Schneekristall Weiß

Colour of the month: snow crystal


Radiant and cool: the KREUL Nature Snow Crystal is inspired by the wafer-thin elegance of winter. A quiet moment that nature needs[...]

Colour of the month: rose gold


Elegance meets tender romance. In winter, it is the quiet tones that show how beautiful the cool season is. Delicate and fragile,[...]

Colour of the month: silver

Colour of the month: silver


Cool elegance and festive glow: silver makes our eyes shine and puts us in the Christmas mood. The colour gently shimmers on[...]

KREUL Malen Kunst Rose Rot Acryl

Colour of the month: dark red


Red roses make hearts beat faster, red-cheeked apples tempt you to bite them, and painted lips attract everyone's attention. Dark[...]

KREUL Acrylmattfarbe Malve

Colour of the month: mallow


The morning hours are befogging until the sun rays are glittering in countless drops of dew in the meadow. The warm days are[...]

Colour of the month: Apricot


One swallow doesn't make a summer - but an apricot awakens the longing for warm days and light-heartedness. The fruit from the[...]

Colour of the month: lemon yellow


When life offers you a lemon - make lemonade out of it! The sour fruit from the South reminds us that sour makes you happy, and[...]

Colour of the month: KREUL Javana batik-textile paint Sound of the Sea


How does the blue sound? Everybody definitely would have a different answer. We imagine foaming waves which reflect the sun. A[...]

Living Coral – what is the trend colour of the year for 2019 saying to us?


No matter whether we're talking fashion, accessories, interiors or cars – every branch workíng with colours keenly anticipates the[...]

Colour of the Month: White Cotton


There is a colour that matches every season in art and creative design: the wonderful White Cotton. White like snow in winter,[...]

Colour of the Month: Violet


"Purple rain, purple rain, I only want to see you in the purple rain." Prince had exceptionally good taste. Not just when it comes[...]

Colour of the Month: Grey


We can already hear people saying: grey, but that's so boring! We, on the other hand, think quite the opposite. As always with[...]