Living Coral – what is the trend colour of the year for 2019 saying to us?

01/17/2019 |

No matter whether we're talking fashion, accessories, interiors or cars – every branch workíng with colours keenly anticipates the year trends for in-vogue colours. This year, the Pantone Institute has announced "Living Coral" as its Colour of the Year for 2019. This colour shows up fresh, animating and life-affirming. It's currently being picked up by all the fashion and lifestyle magazines, which are presenting this shade in very different ways.


The choice might not be to everyone’s taste. And people won't be rushing to repaint their living room in this colour. Nor will we be seeing lots more brightly coloured cars on our roads. But the charm of this colour is a response to people's sensitivities in this time, after all Pantone has done its research, asking creatives, artists and designers for their ideas.

KREUL and this trend colour

As lovers of colour, we have been fascinated with the reports in the media. But we also know that the impact on the creative sector will likely turn out to be very weak. Sales figures for "Coral" aren't going to shoot up this year. But that doesn’t matter. If the colour of the year inspires people to engage with colour shades and nuances and find their own favourite colour, then it's win-win for everybody.
The colour of the year inspires people to think about their own likes and ideas about favourite colours and then get painting.

This is what we’re about, too, in January. Hello Living Coral! We're responding with our new neon colours in combination with orange for a similar life-affirming statement: Get painting! Immerse yourself in colour! Get loud, come alive and embrace life with great joy! Welcome 2019! Welcome colour!