KREUL Upcycling with paint #10: Jute bag with the Chalky paints

02/19/2019 |

'Would you like a bag?' Everybody today should say no to this question at the counter. But what to do with the salad, milk and the sweets? It's good when one has brought their own bag. And it's better if it is sustainable.

Jute bags are popular - but even they are worthy only if they are used very often. Unfortunately, they are often unattractive or covered with adds. And now Upcycling with KREUL paints comes into play.

Jute is such a coarse and robust material that one would not even call it 'fabric'. And that's why the jute bags can be perfectly painted with the KREUL Chalky paints.

We've decided on the colour White Cotton, but Mademoiselle Rose also looks very appealing. If you want to match the colour shade perfectly to your own shoes, hair bows and tops, then you have to mix the colour shade yourself.


In no time, a practical everyday item turns into a cool individual designer piece - an accessory that one takes with them often and with great pleasure.

  • KREUL Chalky Paints Basic Set, Art-Nr. 75305