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Colour of the month: dark red

11/12/2019 |

Red roses make hearts beat faster, red-cheeked apples tempt you to bite them, and painted lips attract everyone's attention. Dark red is the colour of passion, fire and life. We can use a big portion of it in the dreary month of November. When outside nature wraps itself in cool shades of grey, we warm ourselves inside with a self-confident colour. Dark red is our colour of the month in November, and at the end of autumn it already awakens our anticipation of Christmas.


The primary colour red is refreshing, lively and exudes zest for life. In November, we choose dark red, a cooler variant of the colour shade, which at the same time has a mysterious effect. The shade is darker than light vermillion and it settles in the colour circle next to wine read. Contrary to pink - that has even more blue share - the dark red belongs to the warm colours. Like hot punch, it conjures up a smile and makes the cheeks glow.

Whether on vases, on the Advent wreath or as a mobile: dark red is fantastic to make the apartment more comfortable with small accents. The KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint and the KREUL Acrylic Glossy Paint can be applied with a brush to numerous surfaces. Matched to the two acrylic paints, the shade is also available as a colour spray. It's perfect for colouring filigree accessories.

In works of art, the dark red attracts attention. That's why the fiery nuance also exists in the KREUL artist assortment. In the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker and the SOLO GOYA Artist Oil Paint, it hides behind the name 'vermillion dark'. For those who prefer to draw with markers, the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Paint Marker in carmine is the right choice. The dark red can be wonderfully combined with neutral colours such as light wood, grey or black. Together with dark green, it creates a pre-Christmas atmosphere.