KREUL Metallic Farbkombination Auswahl Farben

Colour composition: chic and beautiful in metallic colours

11/12/2019 |

Champagne beige meets noble gold and feminine rose gold. In KREUL, autumn dresses in glamorous nuances. The metallic shades turn everyday objects and works of art into glittering stars - stylishly and sustainably with the suitable sets for kids, artists and creatives. We really like a little glamour in November, and we dip our brushes into the shimmering KREUL Metallic Paints with pleasure.


A few strokes with the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen, and the old tableware sparkles with a new shine. Candlelight reflects the golden shimmering colour spots on plates and glasses. Here the dining table becomes a festively set table. Upcycling with glass and porcelain paints in metallic shades creates fascinating unique pieces in no time at all. The glamourous appearance also scores from an ecological point of view: the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Paints consist of at least 60% of sustainable raw materials of natural origin.

The stylish shining can be also transferred to other areas. How about plain rose gold in the living room or bedroom? The KREUL Acrylic Metallic Paint Set Glamour Living turns bowls into chic designer pieces - fantastic for storing pretty little things. The six-piece set with the colours rose gold, champagne, copper, gold bronze, silver and gold shows how effective acrylic colour can be in DIY.

What fascinates the creatives, also appeals to artists. That's why the SOLO GOYA Acrylic Set Effect Colors consists of colour shades with reflecting glittering particles. Whether with a swab of gold, delicate pearl white or sparkling ruby red: the 8-piece set of shimmering artist acrylic paints in study quality inspires glittering works on wood, canvas or paper.

When it glitters everywhere at home, the little artists are enchanted. It's great that even they can make textiles sparkle with the MUCKI Finger Paint for Fabrics Twinkling Magic. The children's paint with special effects is vegan, dermatologically tested, lactose free, gluten free and paraben free. So, children from 2 years can safely dab and stain with glittering colours.

  • KREUL Acryl Metallic Paints Glamour Living, Art.-Nr. 77601
  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Glamour, Art.-Nr. 16431
  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Set Metallic Paints, Art.-Nr. 16603
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic Set Effect Colors, Art.-Nr. 84174
  • MUCKI Finger Paint for Fabrics Twinkling Magic Set, Art.-Nr. 28120