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Children's art in XXL: how Action Painting works

11/12/2019 |

It is visible early on what a great artist wants to be - the children from the Sattlertor Forchheim day nursery showed us this when they visited our factory. During a guided tour through the production, the kids were amazed at how paint is mixed in huge pots. After all, they only knew the KREUL paints in usual bottles and tubes. But many steps are necessary before the finished paint reaches the shop. Inspired by robots and filling machines, the children set to work in our creative studio. With lots of paint and on XXL stretched canvas frames, they painted, rolled and sprayed. We recommend that you try it out for yourself. Huge formats awaken creative power in every child!


Red, blue, green, black or yellow? Everything! And also, in great quantities. The creative urge of the young artists could not be stopped. Here, the MUCKI handicraft paints were used to dab but not spill. It's fantastic how the colours can be mixed together to create exciting intermediate tones. On top of that there was added a good portion of glitter onto the palette. With the MUCKI Glitzy in dazzling metallic shades and flickering glitter variations, works of art with a WOW effect were created!

Our stretched frames had a size of 90x120cm, quite impressive when you are about 1,30m tall! For the kids, the huge format meant adventure above all: here they could let off steam to their heart's desire and do it with different tools. With a large brush, paint was spread extensively, sprayed directly from the tube and spread with a paint roller. It's cool how one can scratch lines into the still wet paint with a palette knife.

The liquid paint quickly showed its effect: being bright, it attracts magically and inspires to even more swinging techniques. It's good that the little artists were wrapped into painting coats. But action painting on a large stretched frame is no problem at home either. The water-based children's paint can be washed out from textiles at 30 degrees. So, it doesn't matter if something goes wrong.

After about 1.5 hours all emotions were captured on canvas and the children were happy with their works of art. We found it exciting to experience so much creative zeal. It is fantastic what happens when you just let children do something. It was nice to show the kids the world of colours. See you soon - the Sattlertor day nursery!

  • SOLO GOYA Stretched Canvas Basic Line, 90x120, Art.-Nr. 690120
  • MUCKI Handicraft paint 6-piece set, Art.-Nr. 24160
  • MUCKI Glitzy box, Art.-Nr. 24341
  • KREUL Basic Synthetics round size 14, Art.-Nr. 721014
  • KREUL Brush flat size 24, Art.-Nr. 722424
  • KREUL Palette knife 4-piece set, Art.-Nr. 41822
  • KREUL Paint and stencil roller, Art.-Nr. 722805
  • KREUL Plastic palette Flower shape, Art.-Nr. 41818