Colour of the month: Apricot

06/18/2019 |

One swallow doesn't make a summer - but an apricot awakens the longing for warm days and light-heartedness. The fruit from the sunny south tastes refreshingly sweet and smells of a holiday in the south of France. 'Abricot' is a sugary vitamin bomb in French, and it turns pies and ice cream into heavenly desserts.

Laissez-faire on a summer day

The germanized colour name 'apricot' is based on the 'Savoir-Vivre' in France. The name means zest for life and the need to be happy. The colour Apricot is like a warm summer day: joyful and bright, soft and light. The sweet idleness in one colour shade and our colour of the month of June.

A soft colour shade with a zest for life

Apricot is nor a primary colour but a combination of red and yellow. Like all orange shades, this colour stands for zest for life and creativity. In contrast to the strong orange shade of the citrus fruit, the apricot shade is softer. Mixed with a lot of white, a delicate shade with a romantic undertone appears from a warm tone. As an extravagant alternative to pink, brides often choose roses in apricot for their wedding bouquets.

A light decorative colour for the sense of well-being

The basic colours yellow and red make a colour shade representing warmth and light from apricot. So, apricot-coloured walls create a friendly ambience - as if the sun beams of the south wake up the morning with a kiss. That is why apricot is a fantastic decorative colour that spreads a good mood at home.

Warm accents on masterpieces

In the assortment of KREUL, the colour can be again found in the KREUL Acrylic Gloss Paint and the KREUL Chalky Markers. In such a way, we can make the toy chests in children's rooms amusing eye-catchers. The kitchen will become a trendy hot-spot with quotations on boards in 'frosty apricot'. With the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic in apricot, artists set warm accents or create a romantic touch with the SOLO GOYA Acrylic in apricot.