Black on white - creative hand lettering on porcelain and glass

06/18/2019 |

#betterifyouletter – If you have a yen for hand lettering, grab cups and plates instead of paper or chalkboards, and bring clear messages onto the table.

Edge-sharp words, buoyant letters, writings full of love - painting, lettering and decorating tableware is particularly attractive. The elegant white of porcelain and a transparent glass seem ideal as a background for great creative messages.

The KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens are optimal for that. These are markers for designing and writing on heat-resistant glass, porcelain and ceramic containers as well as terracotta and metal. Their various tips allow for delicate lines, thick letterings and elegant swings.

Whether as witty decorative details for the kitchen, for clear rules in a family's daily life, for a cool saying on the office cup or as a surprising greeting for the guests at the next celebration - there are a lot of ideas for hand lettering on porcelain and glass.

The KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens Classic in brilliant opaque colour shades are available with a medium round tip as an allrounder, a fine tip for delicate lines and contours as well as a calligraphy tip for decoration and nice writing.

The KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Easy is ideal with its elastic brush tip for a fine and broad writing and painting as well as for buoyant decorations and ornaments.

The creations are stoved in the oven and are then water-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

    Tips to make it work perfectly

  • The object must be heat-resistant, smooth, clean and fat-free: Best, wash it manually with a detergent - not in a dishwasher so that there is no repellent effect. 
  • Don't paint the areas which are used or are intended for eating, e.g. drinking edges including inner surfaces of cups and glasses as well as interfaces of plates that come into contact with food.
  • Motif templates can be transferred, e.g., with the KREUL Graphite Copying Paper (Art-Nr. 23048). Alternatively, draw the motifs yourself with the help of the KREUL Drawing Pencil (Art-Nr. 8008) onto the object. By doing that, don't overpaint the pencil lines because after burn-in they can be removed by wiping.
  • Before every use, shake the pen with the cup closed from 1 to 2 minutes. The paint will be pumped and visible through repeated careful pressing of the tip onto paper. Only the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Easy can be applied without shaking and pumping. 
  • Unless the painting has been burnt in, it can be removed with water from smooth surfaces.
  • The painted object should be placed into a cold oven and burnt in at 160 °C for 90 minutes. Once it cools down in the oven and sets, it becomes water-resistant and dishwasher-safe.
  • In combination with the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Clear and Glass & Porcelain Pen Glitter, the applied paint can be burnt in for only 30 minutes at 160 °C. However, afterwards the painting is only conditionally dishwasher-safe.

The KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen 4-piece set Hand lettering is included in the Art-Nr. 16480

  • 1 KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Classic medium in black, line width ca. 2-4 mm
  • 1 KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Classic calligraphy in black, line width ca. 1-4 mm
  • 1 KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Classic fine in black, line width ca. 1-2 mm
  • 1 KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Easy brush in black, line width is variable