Colour of the month: lemon yellow

05/21/2019 |

When life offers you a lemon - make lemonade out of it! The sour fruit from the South reminds us that sour makes you happy, and peps up the lively moments of daily life. That is why we've chosen lemon yellow the colour of the month of May.

Whether it's lemon slices on sparkling drinks, dancing butterflies in the garden or endlessly wide rapeseed fields - the bright colour shade is winking at us from everywhere. The radiant yellow is bright, sparkling, jovially jaunty and yet strong as a sunbeam that tickles the nose. The lightness of next summer reflects in lemon yellow again, and makes us dream about sweet-and-sour lemon ice cream, picknicks in the park and refreshing in the swimming pool.

Unlike the warm shades of summer like orange yellow or light ochre, the lemon yellow strikes with its cool shade. The colour has a slight share of green and belongs to the cool shades. In contrast to sunflower yellow with light shares of red, the lemon yellow works like a refreshing breeze on a summer day. Combinations with white, turquoise and green shades strengthen the effect and send us to a holiday mood.

The signal colour is immediately eye-catching and is clearly visible at a distance. That is why it's enough to just paint little things in lemon yellow. Everywhere where summer accents might catch one's eye, the lemon yellow is perfect.

Yellow clay pots for kitchen herbs, a tablet for the terrace or a yellow vase on a side table: with the lemon yellow, items turn into eye-catchers and set the mood for the summer. The strong colour shade can be found in the KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint, the KREUL Magic Marble Marbling Paint, the KREUL PicTixx Pluster & LinerPen and the KREUL el Greco Acrylic. Let the hot days come!