Brilliant idea: Special-effect paint for acrylic painting and pouring

06/18/2019 |

The glittering particles of the SOLO GOYA Acrylic Effect Colors reflect the light - the pearly shimmer of the paint gives pictures a special fine touch.


Everything is included for a great performance!

The 8-piece set of the SOLO GOYA Acrylic Effect Colors surprises with its exciting combination of three metallic and five special-effect paints of the highly pigmented acrylic paint in high quality.

Moreover, the set is an ideal introduction to the technique of the trending topic of pouring. Relevant ideas are avaliable amongst others here, here and here

Test now and set new accents!

The Solo GOYA Acrylic 20 ml 8-piece set Effect Colors, Art-Nr. 84174, includes special-effect colours: silver, gold, copper, pearly white, amber, ruby red, sapphire blue and anthracite.