KREUL Nature  Farbe Schiefergestein Grau ressourcenschonend

Colour of the month: the KREUL Nature Slate

10/12/2020 |

Rough and deep: the KREUL Nature Slate has the effect of a view of the original forces of nature. The darkest shade of the KREUL Nature range shimmers always black, rests in itself and radiates dignity - like a rock that wind and weather have shaped into a unique specimen over a million of years. When nature slowly returns to itself in autumn, the KREUL Nature Slate reminds us that the essential outlasts the traces of time. This is why we choose the KREUL Nature Slate our colour of the month October.


The colour looks unfathomably dark, but it's grey - not black. A colour tone that looks lively - like wet rock after a rain shower. The KREUL Nature Slate seems calm and neutral, but nevertheless can't be overlooked. The dark grey attracts the eye and lets fair shades appear flooded with light.

The KREUL Nature Slate is cool and sets timeless accents. The colour is a perfect combination partner for airy, light colours or neutral natural tones. Pressed leaves from autumn walks become elegant works of art in the colour KREUL Nature Slate. Branches and twigs are given a chic finish with a pattern in dark grey.  Even small dark colour areas on natural materials have a big effect - the KREUL Nature Slate brings natural treasures to the fore. It is beautiful when uncomplicated colour changes bring a noble flair into your home.

With the KREUL Nature, we were inspired by a habitat that needs to be protected. That is why we want to give something back. How can we preserve the beauty of nature? By responding to its needs. With the KREUL Nature, we have developed a DIY colour that preserves resources and puts sustainability first. Whether with a formula made of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin, 100% recyclable glass or a screw cap made of 85% old plastic. With colour, you can make a contribution. The KREUL Nature is produced in Hallerndorf in the Upper Franconia.  Because fair working conditions and a high-quality standard are part of a responsible future.