KREUL Hautfarbe Gleichberechtigung

Skin colour: not only the portrait pink!

09/28/2020 |

The world is bright - we are oriented towards this and produce many colour shades every day. Blue, red, green and much more are available at KREUL in a number of variations. But what about the skin colour shade? Aren't there countless versions in 'real life' instead of just one shade of pink? Correct! For this reason, we remove colour names such as portrait pink or skin colour from our range. After all, we don't want to prescribe in which colour faces and bodies are painted and skin tones shine from strong brown, through golden olive to delicate rose nuances. How good that there are so many shades of brown, beige and pink in the KREUL assortment.


The colour labels portrait pink and skin colour will no longer be printed on ink tubes, bottles or cardboard from October 1, 2020. Instead, we will rename the colour tones portrait pink and skin colour. Under the new names pastel pink, peach pink or soft pink, they are coming out of their antiquated niche and are ready for many other applications. The colour tones remain the same, only the name changes. It shows that equality and responsibility are coming to the fore. So, every artist and creative person can decide for themselves which shade is suitable as a skin tone.

When a colour label is to leave, this means a great logistic effort. After all, thousands of tubes and bottles are renamed here. Labels have to be redesigned and packaging re-printed. Unfortunately, this does not happen as quickly as we would like it. So, we will have to wait a little longer until pastel pink, peach pink and soft pink come on the market. In the meantime, the colours will remain on sale under their old names. It would be a pity to withdraw them suddenly and possibly throw them away.

And how do you paint skin? Here the conscious look plays an important role, because in the light, skin appears in different shades. And then it is a matter of careful mixing: choose between beige, brown or pink shades and try to support with white and black. Perhaps the skin tone you are looking for is more of a mixture of many nuances. No problem: the KREUL shades can be mixed within the same product family. Whether with mixed colours or the existing colours from the KREUL range: face and body painting is an art that demands variety.

  • SOLO GOYA Finest Artist Oil Paint pastel pink, Art.-Nr. 33671
  • SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic peach pink, Art.-Nr. 17032
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic pastel pink, Art.-Nr. 84130
  • KREUL el Greco Acrylic pastel pink, Art.-Nr. 28326
  • KREUL Window Color peach pink, Art.-Nr. 42733
  • KREUL Javana texi mäx Sunny medium for light fabric soft pink, Art.-Nr. 90772