KREUL MUCKI Farbenspielkiste zaehlen Fingerfarbe

We count with colours and fingers

09/24/2020 |

8, 9, 10 - clever kids will quickly figure out which numbers come after each other. But what is behind the numbers? Does more mean longer at the same time? Numbers are not so easy to understand for children aged 4 and up. But luckily little researchers have fingers! They are the most valuable tool in the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox 'We are counting with colours and fingers'. Here, the MUCKI finger paint is mixed, dabbed and you learn what is behind the numbers. When Carrot-Kurt sees his carrots growing in length and Max Ladybird adds up his points, it is suddenly very clear what more or less means. Paint pots open: now numbers are explored!

Oh, how beautifully bright the colours of the MUCKI Play me Paintbox 'We are counting with colours and fingers' shine. There the eyes of the kids shine. While the fingers eagerly dab with the MUCKI finger paint, so much is happening. Abstract quantities become vivid and can be assessed at once. At the same time, fine motor skills are practised, hand-eye coordination is trained and creativity is stimulated. It is incredible how even small whirlwinds can concentrate when they are allowed to let the steam off with colour. The MUCKI Play me Paintbox 'We are counting with colours and fingers' trains with lots of colour fun in a playful way. This is why it is recommended by teachers for children from 4 years of age - learning with numbers is a child's play!

Excitement, fun and games: the MUCKI Play me Paintbox 'We are counting with colours and fingers' contains illustrated cards with tasks, a game manual as well as the MUCKI finger paint in red, blue, yellow, black and white. Is the index finger ready? Then mum or dad can start with the number story. It quickly becomes clear: the solution to the number puzzles must be dabbed with colour. Now ladybirds get their points and carrots grow in length. Is the colour of carrots not orange? No problem. The little colour experts learn how to mix it themselves with the illustrated instruction.

With so much training with liquid paint, something can go wrong once. How good that the MUCKI Play me Paintbox 'We are counting with colours and fingers' is equipped with the MUCKI finger paint. Because wherever it is written MUCKI, there are sensitive properties in it. So, the paint is dermatologically tested, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and paraben-free. Paint stains disappear in the washing machine at 30 degrees and colourful hands are quickly cleaned again with lukewarm soap water. Compliance with toy standards and consistent quality are important to us. It's nice when playing with colour can be so uncomplicated and reliable.

Coloured fingers can not only count and grasp quantities. There are other MUCKI Play me Paintboxes like 'We mix, paint and dab', 'We paint with hands and fingers' as well as 'We paint spines, fur and scales'. All sets are full of experiences and let the little explorers learn with paints in a multi-sensory way. Some challenges are quite tricky for the kids. But the result makes all little artists very proud. We think that the finished dabbed works are worth seeing. How about a small exhibition right on the clothesline?

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