KREUL Window Color Monster Party Nacht Upcycling Lampe

Now we will decorate monstrously

10/14/2020 |

When the wafts of mist come in the evening and darkness creeps into every corner, it's time for scary, beautiful decorations: in a handy sticker form. With the KREUL Window Color Set Monster Party, we paint freaky fantasy figures. In shimmering metallic violet, bright light green and fiery orange, the monster stickers are real eye-catchers. But when the big eyes suddenly start to glow in the dark, the creepy party starts. The KREUL Window Color Monsters are sweet as sugar and like to go sour!


Our Halloween decoration needs a little bit of dexterity. But the finished creepy castle, Frankenstein and three-eyed slime will look particularly cool. The KREUL Window Color Set Monster Party has everything you need for our funny Halloween decoration at the window. The only difficult part is deciding which monsters to paint from the templates. An ice monster or rather ghosts? Monsters can be produced on the enclosed flexible foil in a group. If you want to create a scary mobile, paint the Window Color Monster directly on the firm special foil.

Some monsters have fuzzy fur, others seem to glimmer. This can be shown with the KREUL Window Color Set Monster Party in a super easy way. First, we paint the outlines of the monsters with black contour paint. When everything is dry after 2 hours, the monster-like colour fun can begin. Snow white, light green and orange - our Window Color Monsters are ready to compete. But the Window Color paints with metallic, glittering or fluorescent effects give the mega chills. Lights off - let's give the Halloween party guests a little fright!

Who says that the KREUL Window Color is just window decoration? The cool monster pictures stick to all smooth surfaces. The bathroom mirror, the fridge and the aquarium in Halloween look are quick. The little monsters also stick to smooth drawers or tiles. That causes grumbling? No worries, the KREUL Window Color pictures can be removed again in a flash and without leaving any residue. Then stick them to the night light and let them shine dazzlingly beautifully before going to sleep. Happy Halloween!

  • KREUL Window Color Set Monster Party, Art.-Nr. 42850