KREUL Pluster Liner Pen 3er Set Herz malen Filz Loden Herzerl Lebkuchenherz

Heart painting on greeting cards and gifts

10/20/2020 |

It is foggy and fresh outside? Then it will quickly warm our hearts inside. We are painting chic squiggles and sweet hearts with the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pen 3-piece Set. The result is delightful gift tags and cards in a confectioner's style. Strong red meets black-and-white: the pretty decorations remind of gingerbread hearts and are rightly allowed to flutter. This creates a 3D effect that not only catches the eye but is also beautiful to touch. Homemade with the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pens is so adorable!


The special thing is: the special effect paint puffs up when heat is added. Thus, the painted decoration stands out from the background. What was previously shiny and creamy becomes firm and velvety matt - and all this in XXL! We are absolutely fascinated by what happens when heat meets painting with the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pen. It's nice when greeting cards and loving accessories are created that are not available for sale the way they look now. They are made with love and with special effect paints that are fun.

First, we paint sweeping lines and spots. This works very well with the colours of the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pen 3-piece Set. Black, white and strawberry are filled into handy pens with tapered tips. So, the colour can be perfectly dosed and precisely applied by pressure. A smooth 3D effect is created immediately after air drying. But we take it one step further and put our works in the preheated oven after about 8 hours drying time. Like a yeast cake, the decorations rise up into the air. Wow, what a super pluster effect.


Decorations with the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pen puff up in the oven at approx. 150 degrees. But also, with the iron (cotton setting) or the hair dryer (1800 W), fantastic pluster effects can be achieved. And not only on cards. The colours are suitable for many surfaces, e.g. wood, ceramic, glass, stone, metal and textiles. Great, we can turn flower vases and felt pendants into pretty decorative elements. Our DIY accessories for the home are fantastic presents for people who are dear to us. Or how about simply bringing the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pen 3-piece Set with you on your next visit? Creativity brings most fun together!

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