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Are you looking for paint ideas and color inspiration? Would you like to find tutorials and how-to`s? Or do you want to inform yourself about current DIY-trends? Here you will find everything that makes the world of kids, crafters and artists even more colourful - the latest from Germany's first artists' paint factory.

KREUL el Greco Gouache Farben Set

Impressive gouache art for beginners


Glowing red meets refreshing blue and is restrained by glistening white. In gouache painting, the strong colours dance. What looks[...]

KREUL Anlegemilch pastos vergolden Blattgold Kleber

KREUL Primer pastose: Gilding with refined structure


The surface curves gallantly, forms unique elevations and shimmers with an incomparable shine. Gilding creates unique works of[...]

KREUL Lack Marker Set Weihnachten Kugeln anmalen

Glass baubles in elegant lacquer look


Chic and noble in lacquer: this is how are getting in the mood for Christmas this year. What sounds opulent can be done in a[...]

KREUL Nature Granatapfel Rot nachhaltig DIY Farbe

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Pomegranate


Sensual and strong: the tart tropical fruit seduces with sweet pleasures. The dark mixture of red and a little bit of blue is[...]

MUCKI Kinderkleber Oekotest sehr gut

Best score for the MUCKI Kids glue


Good news for little hobbyists: the MUCKI Kids glue 80 ml (Art.-Nr. 24382) was tested in the ÖKO-TEST magazine of October 2020,[...]

KREUL el Greco Acrylic 4er Set Metallic Colors Acrylfarbe pastos

Impasto art with metallic shimmer


When gold clings to silver and copper sets an accent, metallic colours are in all their splendour. With the KREUL el Greco Acrylic[...]

KREUL Blattmetall Effektspray Gold Vergolden Farbspray

A metallic effect from the spray can


Golden decorative objects exude magic that makes them elegant and unique. Only a few individual pieces in gold or silver are[...]

KREUL Pluster Liner Pen 3er Set Herz malen Filz Loden Herzerl Lebkuchenherz

Heart painting on greeting cards and gifts


It is foggy and fresh outside? Then it will quickly warm our hearts inside. We are painting chic squiggles and sweet hearts with[...]

KREUL Window Color Monster Party Nacht Upcycling Lampe

Now we will decorate monstrously


When the wafts of mist come in the evening and darkness creeps into every corner, it's time for scary, beautiful decorations: in a[...]

KREUL Nature  Farbe Schiefergestein Grau ressourcenschonend

Colour of the month: the KREUL Nature Slate


Rough and deep: the KREUL Nature Slate has the effect of a view of the original forces of nature. The darkest shade of the KREUL[...]

KREUL Hautfarbe Gleichberechtigung

Skin colour: not only the portrait pink!


The world is bright - we are oriented towards this and produce many colour shades every day. Blue, red, green and much more are[...]

KREUL MUCKI Farbenspielkiste zaehlen Fingerfarbe

We count with colours and fingers


8, 9, 10 - clever kids will quickly figure out which numbers come after each other. But what is behind the numbers? Does more mean[...]

SOLO GOYA Pinsel 1x1 Wissen Kunde Wiki Uebersicht

Which is the perfect brush? An artist brush customer


Line by line, he or she applies the paint, goes round in circles or creates sharp-edged surfaces: a brush performs true miracles[...]

A disco feeling with the KREUL Glitter Pens and the KREUL Metallic Pens


What is sparkling and shimmering so atmospherically here? Well, the KREUL Glitter and Metallic Pens. With an extra portion of[...]

KREUL DIY Farbe nachhaltig Nature braun ocker

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Loam


Down-to-earth and earthly: the KREUL Nature Loam reminds of sandy soils and moist clay - a soil that nourishes plants allowing[...]

KREUL Stift Künstler schwarz Zeichnen

Black is back: strong sketches with the KREUL Black Marker


Black lines on a white background: whenever the most contrasting colour combination appears, it becomes particularly expressive in[...]

KREUL Vergolden Blattgold Metall Kleber Anlegemilch flüssig

Gilding with the KREUL Primer: luxury for favourite pieces


The incident light shimmers gently on the surface and glows like the setting sun. Golden objects are small treasures that make you[...]

MUCKI Fingerfarben Farben Kiste Vorschule kreativ gestalten

We paint spines, fur and scales: MUCKI Play Me Paintbox


Bored on holiday? It will disappear in a flash when Konny Kroko and his friends show up. These cheerful and colourful animals are[...]

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Ocean


Broad and unfathomable: the deep blue of the ocean awakens a longing for distance and freedom. The cool shade lets us breathe[...]

KREUL Maskierflüssigkeit Aquarell Rubbeln

Watercolour highlights with the SOLO GOYA Mask Liner


Wonderful when watercolours flow and mix spectacularly on paper. Here, water and paint determine which effects are created. But[...]

KREUL Javana Seiden Malen Farbe T Shirt DIY sprayen

The summer look: airbrush shirt


Fashionistas beware: July will be hot, at least with this spray-designed T-shirt! Wow, that's where urban art and the desire for[...]

KREUL Textilfarben Sommer Design Tasche Kirsche Beere

Fresh and fine in fruit design


Can the weekly shopping be stylish? Sure! With our self-designed bag in a summery fruit look, we'll bring a little pep into your[...]

KREUL Fingerfarbe Kinder

Painting, splashing, blotting: paint as a finger play


First, we were timidly stirred, then courageously got in and finally devotedly splashed. When children from the age of 2 are[...]

KREUL Nature Lila Violett sanft Farbe

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Lavender


Soothing and attractive: in nature, lavender enchants with a fragrance that refreshes the senses. Bees swarm around the aromatic[...]

KREUL PaperLove Stifte Lettering Set Marker

Art Journaling – Time-out in watercolour style


Precise words and flowing colour - a combination that enchants us and arouses emotions. We are happy to take a little time with a[...]