KREUL Acryl Kunst Blätter malen

Colour of the month: Siena nature


When the cool wind passes through the deciduous trees and the sunrays dance on the leaves, autumn shows its most colourful dress.[...]

KREUL Acrylmattfarbe Malve

Colour of the month: mallow


The morning hours are befogging until the sun rays are glittering in countless drops of dew in the meadow. The warm days are[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Royalblau

Colour of the month: royal blue


The deep blue sea spreads until it gets lost in the horizon. The dark waves hypnotically attract our attention and sweep away the[...]

Colour of the month: Apricot


One swallow doesn't make a summer - but an apricot awakens the longing for warm days and light-heartedness. The fruit from the[...]

Living Coral – what is the trend colour of the year for 2019 saying to us?


No matter whether we're talking fashion, accessories, interiors or cars – every branch workíng with colours keenly anticipates the[...]

Colour of the Month: Grey


We can already hear people saying: grey, but that's so boring! We, on the other hand, think quite the opposite. As always with[...]