KREUL Farbe des Monats Royalblau

Colour of the month: royal blue

08/07/2019 |

The deep blue sea spreads until it gets lost in the horizon. The dark waves hypnotically attract our attention and sweep away the cares of the day. Royal blue calms down, has a balancing effect and helps to keep a clear mind. The colour shade was inspired by the freshness of the wind and waves, the breadth of the ocean and the cool of the North. It's perfect to mentally refresh oneself and breathe deeply in hot summer. That's why we are calling royal blue our favourite of the month!

The dark shade of blue is described as 'royal blue' because bodyguards at the French royal court were wearing noble deep blue. The uniforms of the British Royal Navy are also of this colour shade. That's why royal blue is also called marine blue and it arouses a longing for a voyage and freedom. It doesn't matter how the colour is called, it is inspired from the blue shade of the sea and it radiates classic elegance.

In addition to yellow and red, blue is a primary colour of the colour spectrum. Royal blue comes close to the ultramarine blue, however, it's a shade with strong red parts. So, the colour shade looks very dark and in some combinations, it even appears as black. In contrast to this, royal blue is a fresh variant like neutral black and is commonly applied in arts to make shadows livelier.

The plain colour shade is appreciated by minimalists, is classic in fashion and has been popular for decades. The dark character makes royal blue an ideal companion of intense colours. So, the deep blue shade builds an interesting contrast with bright yellow and moves the summer-light shades like light blue or white into the foreground.

Creatives go for royal blue with pleasure to give the home a maritime fresh kick. Like in a sand house, glasses and tea lights that were dipped into the KREUL Glass and Porcelain Paints are shining. When used decently, the dark blue brings calm into the space and works soothingly with a lot of white. So, the pillows that were decorated with the JAVANA Fabric Paint Royal Blue turn into a fantastic accessory in the bedroom. So fresh and with this light breeze, the summer tastes wonderfully!

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